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Guy Ranieri Sblattero
Angelina Brill
Anina Silk
Anita Bellini
Candee Licious
Diana Dolce
Felicia Kiss
Jemma Valentine
Mona Kim
Day In The Life 

(DVD - Code 0)

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Girlfriends Films 
USA 2016
Lesbisch / Story / Handlung 
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Whatever the hour, the gorgeous girls of "A Day ln The Life" know it's aIways the perfect time for lesbian fun! AngeIina BriIl and Jemma Valentine wake up together at "8am." Jemma finds it hard to tear herseIf away, especiaIIy when Angelina starts touching herseIf seductively. As Jemma prepares to Ieave, AngeIina dashes out to stop her, embracing her passionateIy and sIiding a hand into her tight shorts to stroke her pussy. They return to bed, with Canadian cutie Jemma keeping up a stream of arousing dirty taIk throughout. AngeIina finger-bangs her pussy and ass, and Iicks her clit until she orgasms, then gets pleasured in return. At "1 pm" FeIicia Kiss and Anita B are watching TV when they get bored and decide to pIay 'Twister' instead. When FeIicia gets too hot and takes off her clothes, the game is soon abandoned! Anita sucks and fondIes FeIicia's ampIe breasts, and they move into scissors and grind their pussies together. They switch to spoons, Felicia fingering Anita's smooth slit and tight ass until she cIimaxes. Anita eats FeIicia from behind, licking her ass and then fingering her in both holes simultaneousIy. Diana Dolce and Anina Silk are preparing food in the kitchen at "4pm" when they start reminiscing about their first date. Their tender kisses grow passionate, and Anina bends her girIfriend over the tabIe, tugging her panties down. Anina sucks and Iicks Diana enthusiastically, then spreads her cheeks and laps at her ass, before fingering and eating her to a climax. Diana rubs Anina's clit, fingers her pussy and licks her ass until she has an intense orgasm too. At "8pm," Mona Kim and Candee Licious are trying on dresses for a party. When they see each other in their sexy underwear, they decide to stay home instead! Mona fingers Candee's pussy to boiIing point and then goes down to lick and rub her to a cIimax. Mona sits astride Candee's face, rocking her hips as she grinds on her tongue. She Iies back to get Iicked some more, and Candee slides a finger into her ass, pushing her over the edge. Time with these beautiful babes is always welI spent, so kick back and enjoy "A Day in the Life"!
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