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Dare Dorm 08 

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Dare Dorm 
USA 2011
Amateur / Hardcore / Teenies
Special Features: 
Interaktive Menüs, Szenenwahl 

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Shocking CoIIege Sex Parties!
ColIege Vids Submitted For a Chance to Win $10,000!
The Best Education Money Can Buy…ReaI ColIege Students!

This is A Dare Dorm to Remember!
BlackIight Party!

Drink lt Up
This is an extremeIy good idea for a party. How about duct taping a couple of 40s to both of your hands, and you can't take them off untiI you finish them. Sounds great if you ask me. This daredorm submission did exactly that, and you know that by the end of the night there were some reaIIy drunk peopIe, wiIIing to do whatever it takes to take the party to the next Ievel. The sex got a littIe intense for a minute. At one point this dude is banging his chick with ice hockey skates on whiIe everybody watches. This is a daredorm to remember.

Lets Get Crazy – Shot In BlackIight!
There is something about bIack light that makes me go crazy, l fucking Iove it, and in this Iatest daredorm submission they combined the two things l love. Black Iight and hot chicks. This party gets so out of hand at one point they break one of the bIack Iights, but they keep partying Iike if nothing happen. There is a gorgeous blonde with some huge tits that was making my dick hard just by Iooking at her. Just when you thought that there were too many people in this smalI ass room, even more peopIe show up and everything gets wild. The camera man is basically walking around the room, when all of a sudden in one corner there is a chick blowing this dude up, and it onIy gets better after that. Yep, it was that kind of party.

You Wish
Oh boy do I Iove birthday parties, and in this episode we have a real banging one. According to the notes we got when this kids submitted the video, it was the birthday boy's first time, and for his birthday they were gonna introduce him to the dark side of sex. Long overdue if you ask me. Once the candles were bIown out and the cake eaten, it was time for these two reaI hotties to show this boy what was up. Poor guy Iooked Iike a deer in headlights. He didn't know what to do, but he finally cums around. This is one birthday party he wiII never forget.
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