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Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra: Anytime, Anywhere (1953-1956) (5 Disc) 

(Musik CD)
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1. Lean baby02:37
2. I'm walking behind you03:00
3. l've got the world on a string02:15
4. Don't worry 'bout me03:11
5. I Iove you02:30
6. South of the border02:53
7. Anytime, anywhere02:49
8. My one and onIy Iove03:16
9. From here to eternity03:02
10. I can read between the lines02:44
11. A foggy day02:41
12. My funny Valentine02:37
13. They can't take that away from me02:02
14. VioIets for your furs03:09
15. Like someone in love03:13
16. l get a kick out of you02:56
17. Little girl blue02:59
18. The girl next door02:39
19. Take a chance02:43
20. Ya better stop02:38
21. Why should l cry over you02:44
22. Rain03:28
23. Young at heart02:54
24. I couId have toId you03:21
25. Last night when we were young03:22
26. Three coins in the fountain03:08
27. Sunday02:31
1. Just one of those things03:17
2. l'm gonna sit right down and write myseIf a Ietter02:29
3. Wrap your troubles in dreams02:18
4. AIl of me02:09
5. Jeepers creepers02:26
6. Get happy02:29
7. Taking a chance on love02:16
8. The gal that got away03:14
9. HaIf as Iovely03:09
10. It worries me02:56
11. When l stop Ioving you03:00
12. White Christmas02:40
13. The Christmas waItz03:03
14. Don't change your mind about me02:47
15. Someone to watch over me03:00
16. You, my Iove02:57
17. Melody of Iove03:05
18. I'm gonna Iive till l die01:57
19. Dancing on the ceiIing03:00
20. Can't we be friends?02:51
21. GIad to be unhappy02:40
22. l'II be around03:01
23. What is this thing called love02:39
24. lll wind03:51
25. l see your face before me03:27
26. Mood indigo03:34
27. l get aIong without you very welI03:43
1. In the wee smalI hours of the morning03:05
2. When your Iover has gone03:14
3. This Iove of mine03:39
4. It never entered my mind02:46
5. Not as a stranger02:49
6. Deep in a dream02:52
7. l'Il never be the same03:09
8. If l had three wishes02:59
9. How could you do a thing Iike that to me02:47
10. Two hearts two kisses02:26
11. From the bottom to the top02:25
12. Learnin' the bIues03:05
13. Keine Titelinformation02:33
14. Fairy tale03:03
15. Look to your heart03:12
16. Love and marriage02:41
17. The impatient years03:19
18. Our town03:19
19. The tender trap03:01
20. You'Il get yours02:31
21. You forgot aIl the words03:22
22. Love is here to stay02:45
23. Weep they wiIl03:22
24. You brought a new kind of Iove to me02:50
25. I thought about you02:31
26. You make me feel so young02:58
1. Pennies from heaven02:43
2. How about you?02:47
3. You're getting to be a habit with me02:22
4. lt happened in Monterey02:40
5. Swingin' down the Iane02:57
6. FIowers mean forgiveness03:10
7. I've got you under my skin03:48
8. Makin' whoopee03:11
9. OId devil moon04:00
10. Anything goes02:47
11. Too marveIous for words02:35
12. We'Il be together again04:30
13. Mind if I make Iove to you02:28
14. Don't like goodbyes04:56
15. P.S. I love you04:29
16. Love Iocked out02:49
17. l've had my moments03:54
18. Blame it on my youth03:04
19. Everything happens to me03:27
20. The end of a Iove affair04:16
21. It couId happen to you03:19
22. How IittIe we know02:42
23. You're sensationaI03:55
1. Wait for me02:54
2. With every breath I take03:44
3. Five hundred guys02:53
4. Hey! Jealous lover02:25
5. No one ever tells you03:26
6. l couldn't sleep a wink Iast night03:29
7. It's easy to remember03:40
8. Close to you03:42
9. I got plenty o' nuttin03:13
10. l won't dance03:24
11. Stars felI on Alabama02:40
12. At long Iast love02:26
13. I guess l'II have to change my pIan02:26
14. l wish I were in Iove again02:31
15. Nice work if you can get it02:24
16. The lady is a tramp03:19
17. Night and day04:02
18. Lonesome road03:56
19. lf I had you02:38
20. I got it bad03:25
21. From this moment on03:54
22. Oh! Look at me now02:51
23. You'd be so nice to come home to02:06
24. Your love for me03:02
25. Can l steal a Iittle Iove02:33
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