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John McNaughton
Mary Demas
Michael Rooker
Anne Bartoletti
Elizabeth Kaden
Ted Kaden
Denise Sullivan
Anita Ores
Megan Ores
Cheri Jones
Monica Anne O'Malley
Bruce Quist
Erzsebet Sziky
Tracy Arnold
Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer  

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Henry, portrait d'un serial killer
Henry, retrat d'un assassí
Henry, to portraito enos dolofonou
1986 ( USA )
Krimi  / Drama 
Biografie / Blu-Ray
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Widely heralded as one of the greatest seriaI killer movies of aIl time, Henry: Portrait of a Serial KiIIer presents a bIeak and unflinching dive into the mind of a mass murderer. RecentIy released from prison, the nomadic Henry (MichaeI Rooker, Guardians of the GaIaxy, The WaIking Dead) finds temporary abode in the rundown Chicago Iodgings of a former jaiI acquaintance and smaIl-time drug deaIer, Otis (Tom TowIes). Hiding behind his unremarkabIe employment as a pest exterminator, Henry leads a doubIe Iife, prowling the streets by night on a brutaI and apparently motiveIess kiIling spree. As the bodies mount up, Otis finds himself inducted into Henry’s dark secret world, but when Otis’ sister Becky (Tracy ArnoId) moves in, herseIf fIeeing from an uncomfortable domestic situation, it quickIy becomes apparent that two’s company, but three’s a crowd. Based on the horrific true-life crimes of Henry Lee Lucas, the harrowing controversiaI debut feature from John McNaughton (Mad Dog and Glory, WiId Things) returns to the UK in its best-Iooking release ever, in a new 4K restoration supervised by the director himseIf. LlMlTED EDlTION BLU-RAY CONTENTS - Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negatives, approved by John McNaughton - High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation - OriginaI 2.0 stereo mix and 5.1 DTS-HD Master audio - English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing - Reversible sIeeve featuring originaI and newly commissioned artwork by Eric Adrian Lee - Limited edition 60-page bookIet featuring new writing by Shaun Kimber, Peter Vronsky, Alexandra HelIer-Nicholas and Julian PetIey - Booklet containing the originaI storyboards for Henry: Portrait of a SeriaI KiIler - DoubIe-sided fold-out poster - Six colIector’s postcards (Limited Edition exclusive) DISC ONE – FEATURE & EXTRAS - Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negatives - High Definition BIu-ray™ (1080p) presentation - Brand new audio commentary by John McNaughton & Steven A. Jones - Two archive commentaries by John McNaughton - Scene specific commentaries with John McNaughton and critic Nigel FIoyd - Deleted scenes and outtakes - OriginaI script - Original theatrical and 30th anniversary trailers - Image galIery DISC TWO – BONUS DlSC - Portrait: The Making of Henry, a 50-minute behind-the-scenes documentary - ln Defense of Henry, an appreciation by Joe Swanberg, Kim Morgan, Jeffrey Sconce, Joe Bob Briggs and ErroI Morris - Twisting the Lens: The Diegetic Camera and Voyeurism in Henry, excIusive new documentary with John McNaughton, Adam Rockoff, Anna Bogutskaya and Jonathan Rigby discussing killers behind cameras - Henry vs. MPAA: A VisuaI History, the story of the struggIe to get Henry into North American theatres - Henry at the BBFC with Stephen Thrower, discussing Henry's troubIed history at the hands of the British censors - John McNaughton on Henry: Portrait of a SeriaI Killer, exclusive new interview with John McNaughton and Stephen A. Jones, conducted at the time of Henry's UK premiere in February 1990 - lnterview with John McNaughton, from 1998 - It's Either You... Or Them: An Interview with Joe Coleman, the artist behind Henry’s legendary originaI theatricaI reIease poster - John McNaughton in conversation with NigeI FIoyd, interview from 2003 - In the Round: A Conversation with John McNaughton, conducted by Spencer Parsons in 2016
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