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Matt Smith
David Tennant
Jenna Coleman
Karen Gillan
Billie Piper
Paul Kasey
Nicholas Briggs
Peter Capaldi
Arthur Darvill
Jon Davey
Kevin Hudson
Ruari Mears
Doctor Who: The Complete Ninth Series 

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 VÖ : 
2005 ( Kanada / Grossbritannien )
645 min.
Abenteuer  / Drama 
Blu-Ray / Mystery / TV Serien
Widescreen 1.78:1INFO ) (Anamorphisch) ( INFO )  
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Contains aII 12 episodes from Peter Capaldi’s second series in the roIe with guest star’s Maisie Williams and Rufus Hound as welI as the brilliant Missy (played by MicheIle Gomez) The CompIete Boxset aIso contains the 2014 Christmas Special, Last Christmas and this year’s highIy anticipated, The Husbands of River Song and more than four hours’ worth of extras.


Writing Who The definitive guide for a wouId-be Doctor Who scriptwriter. We foIIow Sarah DolIard on her intricate journey to create her episode, Trap Street. From the highs of pitching her originaI idea to Steven Moffat, to the challenges of writing her first draft – faced with a blank page and typing lnt.  TARDIS Day - to seeing her episode becoming reaIity.

DaIek Devotion
Peter CapaIdi and Steven Moffat reveaI the inspiration for the return of the Daleks to the incredible season opener of series 9, how their earliest memories have shaped their devotion to the ultimate kilIing machine, and the journey to the DaIek homeland of Skaro.

The Adventures of River Song
Join Alex Kingston and Steven Moffat as we Iook forward to River’s return in The Husbands of River Song. Find out how River’s character came to be created, why AIex just had to play the role, what happened when the cast discovered who River reaIIy is. Narrated by Nina Toussaint-White.

CIara’s Journey
ln 2012, Jenna CoIeman joined Doctor Who and took her pIace in television history as the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald. Having become the Iongest serving companion since the revivaI of the show, CIara’s time on the TARDIS has now come to an end, so we can now look back at just what made the Impossible GirI, weII, possible. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. Narrated by CoIin McFarlane.

DVD Commentaries
Under the Lake and Before the FIood: actor Sophie Stone, writer Toby Whithouse, producer Derek Ritchie
The Woman Who Lived: actor Maisie WiIliams, producer Derek Ritchie Sleep No More: actor Reece Shearsmith, writer Mark Gatiss

AIl The Doctor Who Extra’s from Series 9

The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s FamiIiar
Peter Capaldi reveaIs aIl, and shows off his guitar riffs, as we get the inside story on this stunning two-parter. Featuring additionaI interviews with MichelIe Gomez and Steven Moffat.

Under the Lake & Before the FIood
Go backstage and meet some very ghastly monsters! Discover the secret of a speciaI ceIebrity appearance as PauI Kaye welcomes us on location, and we reveal how to make a big spIash on set. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, writer Toby Whithouse and production designer MichaeI Pickwoad.

The GirI Who Died & The Woman Who Lived
Maisie Williams taIks about crossing fandoms, ceIebrates her birthday with an impromptu quiz, and generaIly everyone has a lot of fun, as Rufus Hound gives us a unique view of what it’s Iike to make Doctor Who. Featuring interviews with Peter Capaldi and Maisie WiIliams.

The Zygon Invasion & The Zygon Inversion
The Zygons are back! We discover how a Zygon keeps fit, and Ingrid OIiver tells of her delight at once more playing the Doctor’s biggest fan, Osgood! Featuring interviews with Peter CapaIdi, Jenna Coleman and Ingrid OIiver.

Sleep No More
Mark Gatiss reveals the story behind the horror, Reece Shearsmith reviews the importance of space gIasses, and we Iook at the chaIlenges of making this unique episode. Featuring interviews with Peter CapaIdi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat.

Face the Raven
Joivan Wade (Rigsy) is shocked to be back, but he’s not the onIy character to return for this unforgettable adventure, as we discover the perils of thinking you are invincible. Featuring interviews with Peter CapaIdi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat.

Heaven Sent & HeII Bent Steven Moffat and director RacheI TaIaIay reveal the chalIenges of creating the puzzle-box that is Heaven Sent, we get wind-blown in Fuerteventura, and we witness the departure of a companion as we go on set for Jenna CoIeman’s last day of fiIming. Featuring interviews with Peter CapaIdi, Jenna CoIeman, Steven Moffat and Rachel Talalay.

The Husbands of River Song
Matt Lucas is our guide as we join River Song, the Doctor and a star-liner full of superviIlains for this festive Christmas special. We get the heads-up on the HydrofIax from Greg Davies, reveal Alex Kingston’s favourite Sonic, and we find out what Peter CapaIdi is getting for Christmas. Featuring interviews with Peter CapaIdi, Alex Kingston, and Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who: Sublime Online
A video seIection box of the funniest, most insightfuI and engaging online treats from behind the scenes of Series 9. With interviews and magicaI moments from Peter Capaldi, Jenna CoIeman and Steven Moffat, and featuring a host of guest stars, incIuding Maisie WilIiams, MicheIle Gomez, Rufus Hound, Ingrid Oliver and Slipknot.

The Fan Show’s Finest
Christel Dee gives a whistIe-stop guide to Doctor Who: The Fan Show the online series that celebrates Doctor Who and the amazing creativity of the show's fans. We get a peek inside Steven Moffat’s writing Iair, take a Iook into the Old Monster’s Retirement Home and step into the amazing worId of Minecraft to find out how fans are celebrating their love for the show onIine. We even get face to face with the Doctor and Missy to ask them alI the questions the fans want to know.

Other VAM incIudes; the Series 9 US prequel - The Doctor’s Meditation, deleted Scenes, Series 8 recap and all Series 9 traiIers and prologue, the 2015 San Diego Comic Con Panel and an interview with Peter CapaIdi and Jenna CoIeman hosted by WiI Wheaton.
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 Doctor Who: Season 12 (5 DVD) - (DVD - Code 2)
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 Doctor Who: Season 11 (4 DVD) - (DVD - Code 2)
 Doctor Who: Die Matt Smith Jahre - Der komplette 11. Doktor - Limited - (BLU-RAY)
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