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  • Robert Schnakenberg
  • The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of the World's Finest Actor 

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    Lieferstatus:   Auf Bestellung
    Veröffentlichung:  2016  
    Genre:  Geschichte / Politik / Kultur 
    ISBN:  9781594748011 
    Verlag:  Random House N.Y. 
    Einband:  Kartoniert  
    Sprache:  English  
    Seiten:  272 
    Bewertung: Titel bewerten / Meinung schreiben
    “The 271-page tome is an alphabetical guide to everything you ever wanted to know about the eccentric actor, and it´s a pretty absorbing read even if you are ambivalent about Murray and his quirks.”—Washington Post
    “Schnakenberg, a huge fan, does a great job of collecting some great snarky quotes and wacky trivia facts about one of America’s most beloved comedic actors.”—The New York Post
    “Bill Murray is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma—but the key is [The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray]”—Flavorwire
    “The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of The World´s Finest Actor promises to be so enthralling, so rich with anecdotes and life-changing koans of wisdom, that literature as we know it may be separated into two distinct segments in the future: ‘Before BBBoBM’ and ‘After BBBoBM.’”—Thrillist
    “For the guy who likes to think he’s the president of the Bill Murray fan club, this will be his most prized possession.”—Real Simple

    “This resoundingly successful work offers a unique approach to an unapproachable figure.”—Library Journal, starred review
    “It’s perfect for the Murrayphile on your list and, let’s be honest, you have at least one of those.”—YAHOO! Movies

    “Of all the coffee table books in all the world, this will be read the most.”—Brit + Co
    “...sprawling, unconventional, hilarious, and wonderful.”—Geeks of Doom
    The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray is unquestionably as definitive as it gets. Read it to your friends at a party or read it by yourself in the bathroom. No matter how you approach Schnakenberg’s work, you will be both edified and regaled.”—Pop Matters
    “ multi-faceted as Bill Murray.”—The Freelance-Star
    “Bill Murray is an American Treasure. With The Big Bad Book Of Bill Murray fans of all ages are treated to an encyclopedic examination of the actor, his roles, his co-stars and his odd antics.”—Alive

    “If you’re a fan of the man… you’ve got to grab yourself a copy of The Big Bad Book of Billy Murray. Now.”—GeekDad
    "For Murray fans, this appears to be the ultimate resource on the eccentric comic/actor.”—Bucks County Courier Times
    “A comprehensive compendium on the life and career of the enigmatic and contradictory Bill Murray.”—Shelf Awareness 
    “The perfect gift for the Murray-phile...”—Monsters and Critics
    “Fans of actor and comedian Bill Murray can revel in The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray by Robert Schnakenberg.”—Erie Times-News
     The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Apprec - (Musik CD)
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