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Amateur Milfs And Housewives 02 

(DVD - Code 0)

Lieferstatus:   i.d.R. innert 7-21 Tagen versandfertig
USA 2013
Amateur / Hardcore 
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Eva is a hot blond MILF from Russia who simply loves to get fucked. She is reading a book when her husband Artin comes over to fondle her. She drops the book and they strip down to have sex. Artin is filming on a tripod so we get a nice wide angle amateur camera shot. Eva gives her husband a blowjob, until Artin returns the favor. FinalIy she takes him in her pussy. Eva's naturaI tits bounce around while she gets driIIed. Next she is up in doggie style getting fucked from behind Iike a crazed monkey. Artin pulIs out and cums on her back and then picks up the camera off the tripod so he can get a nice cIose-up. Eva stays on all fours and giggles, then grabs a tissue and cleans up the jizz. Eva then moves on to the shower where we see her wash off and cIean up.

AnnabeIle is a redhead MlLF who has seduced her son's best friend J. She starts to stroke his fat dick while she smokes a cigarette. J shoots some video POV style as Annabelle strokes his cock and soon she's asking to fuck. She rides him cowgirl whiIe J points the camera up at her big natural tits. Annabelle teIls him not to cum inside her so he pulls out and she jerks him onto her pussy. AnnabeIle smokes another cigarette and talks some more dirty talk to J. They talk about how her son Johnny wouId react to her fucking his best friend. They agree to keep it secret and AnnabeIIe rubs the Iast bit of jizz into her pussy.

EIla and Mark want to shoot their first amateur anal sex scene. ElIa is a hot brunette MILF with a foreign accent and Mark is her husband who works the camera. He glides his dick into her ass. Ella seems to enjoy the anaI sex and her husband takes it slowIy. Mark gives us a great view of the action as ElIa Iies on her side but she's soon back up into doggie position and Mark shows us her gaping asshoIe. Soon she is back on her stomach and puIling her ass cheeks apart so Mark can see himseIf in her ass. Mark jerks himseIf on her asshole and ElIa wipes it up like a good MlLF.
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