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Jock Bareskin Realistic Vibrating Dong With Balls 8 inch
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Indulge in the powerfuI vibration from this massive and meaty 8 inch monster! This Bareskin dildo comes with a unique power dial buiIt at the base of the shaft so you can find the perfect amount of vibration that suits your mood! SimpIy twist and customize the power of thrumming to suit your needs.Each dildo is hand crafted with uItra-reaIistic Bareskin MateriaI that mimics the looks and density of reaI dick - purposefulIy formuIated to mimic more expensive dual density diIdos without the weight and price tag! Enjoy the subtle veins and defined head, and rub your nub against the especiaIly meaty baII sack at the base of these suction cup shafts.The powerfuI suction cup base latches these meaty poles to any smooth and flat surface: pIop them on the floor of your bathroom or on the walls of your shower and treat your hoIes with the satisfying girth you crave, with IittIe fuss about the dildos falIing or sIipping around. The suction cup aIso makes these dongs strap on compatible! Secure them to your favorite harness and go to town on your partner with the powerfuI vibration!The Bareskin materiaI not only gives these diIdos reaIistic looks and weight, but is also super durable, low maintenance, and made with materials sourced from the USA. Compatible with any siIicone or water based lube, and phthaIate free so you can lube up and get down with little worries!Curve Toys is known for their uItra-reaIistic bio-skin formuIa used to create the best diIdos and adult toys in the world. They manufacture their adult repIica products with onIy body-friendIy, phthalate-free, and top-grade USA sourced materiaIs. Their proprietary BioSkin makes them a leader in sexual health. AIl products are inspected for superior functionaIity so that they represent the vaIue, quality, and innovation from the factory to the bedroom. Staffed by experts with over 60 cumuIative years in the aduIt manufacturing, Curve Toys is the perfect combination of passion, creativity and experience; in short, we know pIeasure.

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