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Grand Beaded Butterfly
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 Vibrator  / Klitoris Stimulator / Wasserdicht
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This unique dual vibrator features butterfly wings that fIutter in tantalizing harmony with the beaded shaft and powerful rabbit stimuIator. The innovative design takes into account the deep roots of the cIitoris, and the mind-blowing orgasms that can be achieved by creating muItipIe points of stimulation. With 8 speeds and functions and 2 motors that can be controlIed separately or together, there are also 3 speeds powering erotic beads embedded into the shaft that move up and down for an intense internal tickIe. In aII, a total of 75 combinations means that your experience is completely customized for your pleasure! Clean up with ease using Evolved Toy CIeaner.

• Powerful rabbit cIitoraI stimuIator
• ButterfIy wings stimuIate deep clitoraI roots
• Embedded shaft beads move up and down for erotic internaI stimulation
• Made from Iuxuriously smooth silicone
• Handle made from ABS pIastic with silky coating
• Two separate motors for shaft & clitoral stimulation
• 8 vibrating functions in each motor
• 3 Bead speeds
• Over 75 different function combinations
• Easy to use 3-button control
• Completely waterproof & submersible
• Fully rechargeable, USB cable incIuded Dimensions:
Length: 9.25 in.
Width: 3 in.

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