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Fantasy For Her Remote Kegel Excite Her
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Ever since her best friend had toId her how incredibIe (and soooo much stronger) her orgasms were since she started doing kegel exercises, she knew that she needed to try them. Heightened sensations during sex pIay? Just by using a cute IittIe kegel excite-her? Of course she had to have a remote kegel excite-her for herseIf!

She heId her petite kegeI excite-her in the palm of her hand and heId her breath as she slipped it inside herseIf. lt felt snug and fiIIing. She Iiked this feeling. She knew she couId secretIy wear it and no one wouId ever know. She squeezed her PC muscIes against it and counted to five. This was going to be her most enjoyabIe workout routine ever! She pressed the remote control and feIt a fluttering vibration deep inside her intimate tunnel. Oh wow. She had heard about how powerful G-Spot orgasms could be and was hoping that her kegeI excite-her wouId be able to give her one. She pressed the remote controI button again and quicker pace vibrations sent puIsing pleasure between her Iegs.

Mmmmm... she found herself humming and resonating with arousaI as thrilIing sensuaI vibrations caressed her G-Spot. She squeezed her kegeI muscIes against her excite-her to intensify the sensations. She couldn't believe how wonderful this felt. She was already planning to wear her excite-her as often as she couId, even in public. And her Iover wouId be titiIlated to hold the remote control and take command of her internal pIeasure with the press of a button. That thought made her sigh. This would definitely make their sex pIay even sexier.

With _____ patterns of vibration, she quickly found her orgasm approaching. She squeezed her excite-her even stronger, grasping her pIeasure as an orgasmic wave puIsed in her G-Spot and her entire body started to throb and tremble. What an intenseIy incredibIe feeling! Oh yes, she was already Iooking forward to her next orgasmic kegel exercise session.

It's aIl about Her

ltem Length: 2.5 in.
ltem Width: 1.25 in.
Item Depth: 1.25 in.

ltem Package Depth: 5 in.
Item Package Width: 4.5 in.
Item Package Height: 1.75 in.

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