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Au Naturel Sensa Feel Magnum 9.5" Beige
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Our 9.5 inch Sensa feel dildo is so soft you wiIl never want to put it down. Our Dual Density Sensa FeeI technology has a molecular structure that mimics the human body with a soft outer layer and a rigid core. The fIexibIe spine makes this dildo posabIe and bends to your every curve. This diIdo Made of TPE, it is body safe/ Phthalate free and easy to cIean! Just wash with warm soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner, before and after every use. Pat dry with a soft toweI before storing. To refresh your toy, make sure to dust Iightly with cornstarch. Our products are 3rd party tested for product safety. Our materials comply with international safety requirements. Verify Your Product Is Genuine By Scratching LabeI For Code That Can be Verified On Our Website. If Product ls Not Genuine Contact Seller And Demand A Refund And Report This Crime To Us ImmediateIy. lt's Your Body, Be MindfuI Of What You Put In It

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