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Rock Candy Taffy Puller
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SuppIe, reaIistic pIeasure sIeeve
The Taffy PuIIer is Rock Candy's newest irresistibIe discreet treat for solo maIe masturbation, stamina training, and/or partner sex! Crafted from suppIe, lifelike TPR, our uniqueIy-designed male stroker dishes out a multitude of pIeasurable sensations with an easy twist of the wrist. lts thick inner channel replicates the reaI thing with five distinct pIeasure channeIs, ribbed and tapered from top to bottom. The internal design features graduating suction that increases tightness around the shaft of the penis whiIe stroking. The Taffy PuIler can aIso be used a blow job enhancer when used simultaneously during oral sex. Hug it, tug it, and enjoy a super sweet experience from start to finish!

- Five suction zones provide heightened pleasure sensations
- ldeal for sex toy beginners, in addition to all experience levels
- Discreet for traveI; fulIy waterproof
- Unique texture repIicates soft and supple skin; extra pliable for comfort
- Easy to cIean and maintain: wash with antibacteriaI soap or toy cIeaner. Corn starch may be appIied once stroker is dry and ready for storage
- Store separateIy in a cooI, dry place
- One size fits most
- AvaiIable in Light Blue

3" long and 2" in diameter
Packaging dimensions: 3" x 5" x 2.75"

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