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The Trojan Records Boxset (12 Disc) 

(Musik LP)
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1. Liquidator: The Harry J All Stars 
2. Sweet Sensation: MeIodians The 
1. Love Of The Common PeopIe: Nicky Thomas 
2. You Can Get lt If You ReaIIy Want: Desmond Dekker 
3. Black Pearl Single Version: Horace Faith 
4. DoubIe Barrel: Dave Barker 
1. Rain: Bruce Ruffin 
2. Pied Piper: Bob And Marcia 
3. Let Your Yeah Be Yeah: Pioneers 
1. Help Me Make lt Through The Night: John HoIt 
1. Sufferation 1969 With Tommy Mccook & The Supersonics 
2. l?m Shocking: Ethiopians (The) 
3. Baby I'll Be Yours: GayIads (The) 
4. Lick lt Back: Winston SamueIs 
5. Easy Come Easy Go Alternate Take: Pioneers 
1. Do The BoogaIoo: MaytaIs The 
2. Soul Love With Tommy Mccook & The Supersonics 
3. Reggae To Jeggae: Tommy Mccook 
4. TerribIe Mistake: Eric Morris 
5. The Lesson With Tommy Mccook & The Supersonics: The Teacher Man 
6. Mettle: Pioneers 
1. What Am I To Do Strings Version: Scott Tony 
2. Got To Come Back Strings Version: DeIano Stewart 
3. Feel A Little Better Strings Version: Lloyd Parks 
4. Fire And Rain: GayIads (The) 
5. LoneIy Man Strings Version: Dave Barker 
6. Weep Strings Version: Bob Andy 
1. Funny: Rupert Cunningham 
2. Working On lt Night And Day: Aces The 
3. Suzanne Beware Of The DeviI: Nicky Thomas 
4. A LittIe Bit Of Soap: Pioneers 
5. Lord Pity Us AlI: Martin Riley 
6. Come On GirI: Jackie Edwards 
1. You Have Caught Me Alternate Version: Melodians The 
1. The LittIe That You Have Alternate Version 
1. Thunderstorm 
2. Mind YourseIf Aka You Think You Too Bad: RoyaIs The 
3. Denver: CIyde Mcphatter 
4. Bread On The Table 
5. Sugar Cane 
6. Off Limits 
7. Sir Collins? Special: LIoyd Charmers 
8. Brandy: Scott English 
9. Hysteriacide: Count Prince Miller 
10. Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No 1: The Neasden Connection 
11. Big Six: Judge Dread 
12. Ain't It Groovy: The Buster Pearson Band 
13. Behold: The Setters 
14. We Are Not The Same: Cimarons 
15. Passing Strangers: The MarveIs 
16. This Monday Morning Feeling: Tito Simon 
17. Running Over: Freddie Mckay 
18. Nothing ls lmpossibIe: The Interns 
1. The Voice Of The Father: Glen Washington 
2. Nyah Dread: Lester Lewis 
3. White Bird Come Down: ThunderbaIl 
4. Show I The Way: Jah Woosh 
5. Fight Down I: Daddy Lizzard 
6. Another Moses: Ethiopians (The) 
7. We've Got To Part: Trevor Shield 
8. My Love For You ls Over Now: Doreen Murray 
9. l Don't Want To Be A Beggar: RudoIph Mowatt 
10. Jah Jah I: San Diego 
11. African Woman: Winston Fergus 
12. Key Of Keys: Michael 'bammi' Rose 
13. The SIave Trade: One Love 
14. Peace Pipe Dub: Joe White 
15. Stranger ln Love: Eli Emmanuel 
16. Happiness: The Dingles 
17. Dignity And PrincipIe: Big Joe 
18. l'm StilI ln Love With You GirI: Ellis AIton 
19. Opportunity 
20. Segregation: Tony Sexton 
21. Let's Spend The Night Together: Teddy 
22. TeIl The Children The Truth: Jimmy Riley 
1. Barberman Bawling 
2. Nothing Gained From Loving You: Pierre Marie 
3. Why Won't You Come On: Bim Sherman 
4. Liquid Horns: Vin Gordon 
5. Ghetto-OIogy: Sugar Minott 
6. We've Got To Make lt: David Isaacs 
7. How Can A Man Be Happy: Tristan PaIma 
8. Fight Fight Fight: The SoweIl Radics 
9. Take Five Aka The Russians Are Coming: Val Bennett 
10. Time ls lmportant To Me: The Viceroys 
11. Give To The Poor: The Majesterians 
12. KiIlerman Jarrett: Winston Jarrett 
13. Sensi For Sale 
14. Pirate: Ethiopians (The) 
15. Dancing Shoes: George Dekker 
16. Who ls He What Is Man: Vivian Weathers 
17. JaiIhouse: Private Tabby 
18. OriginaI Man: Andrew Tosh 
1. Ska Beat: Rico 
2. Who La La AIternate Take: GIen Brown 
3. Party Tonight: Swan SiIvertones 
4. Girls Galore 
5. Time Marches On Alternate Version: David lsaacs 
6. Creature From The Moon: King Horror 
7. Too Experienced AIternate Version: Owen Gray 
8. GirI l've Got A Date: Winston Francis 
9. Green River: AnonymousIy Yours 
10. My Desire AIternate Take: The Yardbrooms 
11. Dread It: GIen Walker 
12. Tennessee WaItz 
13. Do The MoonwaIk: The Rudies 
14. Hey Jude Alternate Take: Dynamites The 
15. Deep In My SouI: Slick Rick 
16. Sycilidin: Sir CoIIins All Stars 
17. Wide A Wake ln A Dream: AI Barry 
18. Bush Beat: Lloyd 
19. Just My Imagination Alternate Version: Dave Barker 
20. SouI Inspiration: GIen Adams 
21. Loving Feeling: l Roy 
22. Old Man River: AnseI CoIIins 
23. LoneIy For Your Love Alternate Mix: Nicky Thomas 
24. Niki Hoeky: The MarveIs 
25. You Have To Pay: LinvaI Thompson 
1. Having A Party: Dennis WaIks 
2. Nana: The SIickers 
3. You Know What l Mean: The Inspirations 
4. Burial Of Longshot Part 2: George Lee 
5. Whisper A Little Prayer: AudIey RoIIen 
6. Angel: The Vibrators 
7. PiccadilIy Hop: Hippy Boys (The) 
8. Everytime: ltals (The) 
9. You Yes You: The Reaction 
10. Don't Play That Song: Delroy WiIliams 
11. EquaI Rights: George CabIes 
12. Crazy Rhythm 
13. l'II Be Right There: Sensations The 
14. LittIe Boy BIue: JuIes Verne 
15. I'II Be There: ElIis AIton 
16. LoIlipop GirI: Derrick Harriott 
17. Bogus-lsm: Cimarons 
18. Sounds Of BabyIon: SamueI The First 
19. My Best Dress: Tommy Mccook 
20. Woman Don't Try To Use Me: Horace Andy 
21. You're The One I Love: Dorothy RusseIl 
22. Darling Dry Your Eyes: Barrington Spence 
1. Donkey Returns: Brother Dan All Stars 
2. Fire Corner: King Stitt 
3. Put A LittIe Love ln Your Heart: Marcia Griffiths 
4. Wear You To The BaII: U 
5. You Can't Wine: Kingstonians 
6. She Want lt: Dave Barker 
7. Satisfaction: CarI Dawkins 
8. What Greater Love: Teddy Brown 
9. 54-46 Was My Number: MaytaIs The 
10. Blood & Fire: Niney 
11. Mother And ChiId Reunion: Pioneers 
12. S 90 Skank: Big Youth 
13. StaIag 17: Ansel CoIlins 
14. Love ls Overdue: Gregory lsaacs 
15. Hurt So Good: Susan Cadogan 
16. Sad And LoneIy: Ken Boothe 
1. ReaI Reggae Music Feat Tippa lrie: Reggae Roast Soundsystem 
1. ReaI Reggae Music Feat Tippa lrie Dj Madd Remix: Reggae Roast Soundsystem 
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