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Tom Jones
Tom Jones: The Complete Decca Studio Albums (17 Disc) 

(Musik CD)
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1. I've Got A Heart02:37
2. It Takes A Worried Man02:40
3. Skye Boat Song03:01
4. Once Upon A Time02:13
5. Memphis, Tennessee02:42
6. Whatcha' Gonna Do03:10
7. I Need Your Loving02:46
8. lt's Not UnusuaI (2nd Studio Version)02:08
9. Autumn Leaves03:10
10. The Rose (Version 2)02:56
11. If You Need Me02:42
12. Some Other Guy02:37
13. EndIessly03:25
14. lt's Just A Matter Of Time02:45
15. Spanish HarIem03:21
16. When The WorId Was Beautiful02:19
1. Dr. Love01:53
2. Face Of A Loser02:28
3. lt's Been A Long Time Coming02:41
4. In A Woman's Eyes02:24
5. More02:26
6. l'II Never Let You Go02:54
7. The Loser02:38
8. To Make A Big Man Cry02:48
9. Key To My Heart02:18
10. True Love Comes OnIy Once ln A Lifetime02:13
11. A LittIe You02:28
12. You're So Good For Me02:21
13. Where Do You BeIong02:37
14. These Things You Don't Forget02:53
1. Begin The Beguine03:19
2. You Came A Long Way From St. Louis02:37
3. My Foolish Heart02:41
4. It's Magic02:48
5. Someday (You'lI Want Me To Want You)03:33
6. Georgia On My Mind04:11
7. Kansas City02:42
8. HeIlo Young Lovers02:30
9. A Taste Of Honey02:50
10. The Nearness Of You03:16
11. When l FaIl In Love03:01
12. Camelot03:12
lf Ever l Would Leave You (Original Version)03:12
13. My Prayer03:43
14. That Old BIack Magic03:08
1. Riders ln The Sky03:07
2. He'll Have To Go03:24
3. Funny FamiIiar Forgotten Feelings03:00
4. Sixteen Tons03:11
5. Two Brothers03:22
6. My Mother's Eyes02:57
7. Green Green Grass Of Home03:08
8. Ring Of Fire02:49
9. A FieId Of YeIIow Daisies03:25
10. Wish I Could Say No To You02:44
11. All l Get From You Is Heartaches02:45
12. Mohair Sam02:20
13. Cool Water04:12
14. Detroit City03:36
1. Don't Fight It02:57
2. You Keep Me Hangin' On02:47
3. HoId On I'm Coming03:21
4. I Was Made To Love Her02:23
5. Keep On Running02:52
6. Get Ready02:30
7. (lt Looks Like) l'Il Never FaIl In Love Again04:17
8. l Know03:59
9. I Wake Up Crying02:21
10. Funny How Time SIips Away03:42
11. Danny Boy03:57
12. lt's A Man's Man's Man's WorId02:42
13. Yesterday02:49
1. DeIilah03:26
2. Weeping Annaleah03:27
3. One Day Soon02:39
4. Laura (What's He Got That l Ain't Got)03:24
5. Make This Heart Of Mine SmiIe Again02:41
6. Lingering On03:17
7. You Can't Stop Love03:05
8. My EIusive Dreams03:19
9. Just Out Of Reach02:45
10. OnIy A Fool Breaks His Own Heart02:34
11. Why Can't l Cry?03:12
12. Take Me03:13
1. HeIp Yourself02:56
2. l Can't Break The News To Myself02:32
3. The Bed02:49
4. Isadora02:45
5. Set Me Free03:14
6. I Get Carried Away03:03
7. This House (The House Song)03:40
8. So Afraid03:24
9. lf I Promise02:17
10. If You Go Away04:06
11. My Girl Maria03:27
12. AII I Can Say ls Goodbye03:11
1. Fly Me To The Moon02:28
2. Little Green AppIes04:21
3. Wichita Lineman02:51
Original Version02:51
4. (Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay03:22
5. Dance Of Love02:23
6. Hey Jude03:48
OriginaI Version03:48
7. Non C'e'che lei03:25
English lyrics "Without You" by Barry Mason03:25
8. That's AlI Any Man Can Say04:02
9. That WonderfuI Sound03:39
10. Only Once04:10
11. I'm A FooI To Want You03:36
12. Let It Be Me02:59
1. I Can't Turn You Loose02:11
2. PoIk Salad Annie03:48
3. Proud Mary02:45
4. Sugar Sugar02:37
Original Version02:37
5. Venus02:44
6. I Thank You02:27
7. Without Love03:48
8. You've Lost That Lovin' FeeIin'04:15
9. Pickwick02:52
lf l ruled the World (Original Version)02:52
10. Can't Stop Loving You04:10
11. The Man of La Mancha03:23
The lmpossible Dream (Original Version)03:23
12. Let There Be Love03:40
1. Daughter Of Darkness03:18
2. The King and l02:59
l Have Dreamed (OriginaI Version)02:59
3. Love's Been Good To Me04:10
4. Lodi02:59
5. Try A Little Tenderness04:24
OriginaI Version04:24
6. I (Who Have Nothing)02:58
7. What The World Needs Now ls Love02:37
8. With One Exception02:51
9. To Love Somebody03:26
10. Brother, Can You Spare A Dime02:58
OriginaI Version02:58
11. See Saw02:55
1. She's A Lady02:56
2. Do What You Gotta Do02:53
3. ln Dreams03:24
4. Nothing Rhymed03:06
5. 'TiI l Can't Take lt Any More03:17
6. Resurrection ShuffIe02:55
7. Puppet Man03:25
8. lt's Up To The Woman03:49
9. Ebb Tide03:44
Original Version03:44
10. (l Ain't No) One Night Only Love Maker03:15
11. Mio mondo You're my world03:26
EngIish Iyrics: Carl Sigman03:26
1. Witch Queen Of New OrIeans02:37
2. Tired Of Being Alone03:05
3. Woman, You Took My Life04:00
4. lf03:03
5. The Young New Mexican Puppeteer04:35
6. AlI I Ever Need ls You03:12
7. You've Got A Friend02:46
8. Time To Get lt Together02:26
9. l Won't Be Sorry To See Suzanne Again03:38
10. Kiss An Angel Good Morning02:58
1. Runnin' Bear03:48
2. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone (AIbum Version)02:38
3. (If Loving You ls Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right03:27
4. Since I Loved You Last03:19
5. Lean On Me04:02
6. Letter To Lucille03:05
7. Today l Started Loving You Again03:11
8. I'll Share My World With You02:53
9. l StiIl Love You Enough (To Love You All Over Again)03:10
10. BalIad Of BiIIy Joe03:58
1. Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like03:31
2. You Make Me Smile03:12
3. Till I Get It Right02:42
4. Rainin' In My Heart03:31
5. It Never Hurts To Be Nice To Somebody04:33
6. Run CIero Run04:13
7. Make Believe World03:29
8. Which Way Home03:09
9. Sing For The Good Times03:37
10. Right Place, Wrong Time05:49
1. Memories Don't Leave Like People Do (Single Version)04:19
2. I Got Your Number (SingIe Version)03:27
3. The Pain Of Love02:42
4. Mr. Helping Hand03:13
5. City Life03:47
6. Lusty Lady04:11
7. We Got Love03:45
8. Son Of A Fisherman04:52
9. You lnspire Me03:34
10. Us05:16
1. ChiIIs And Fever02:54
2. Breathless02:17
3. To Wait For Love (ls To Waste Your Life Away)01:52
4. l TelI The Sea03:12
5. With These Hands02:45
6. Untrue02:40
7. What's New Pussycat?02:09
8. (Won't You Give Him) One More Chance02:28
9. Bama Lama Bama Loo01:36
10. ThunderbaII03:03
11. Stop Breaking My Heart02:28
12. Never Give Away Love (Stereo Version)02:24
13. Once There Was A Time (Stereo Version)02:29
14. Not ResponsibIe02:13
15. This And That03:02
16. City Girl03:27
17. Promise Her Anything02:38
18. TripIe Cross02:37
19. What A Party02:30
20. Any Day Now02:56
21. It Ain't Gonna Be That Way02:23
22. If I Had You02:20
23. Things I Wanna Do02:32
24. I'm Coming Home (SingIe Version)03:19
25. The Lonely One02:38
26. SmiIe02:19
27. Day By Day02:36
28. A Minute Of Your Time03:00
29. Looking Out My Window02:23
1. Love Me Tonight03:15
2. Hide And Seek02:16
3. The Man Who Knows Too Much03:41
4. Tupelo Mississippi FIash (Stereo Edit Version)02:44
5. My Way04:11
OriginaI Version04:11
6. Every MiIe02:50
7. TiII02:18
8. Est mort Ie soleiI03:32
EngIish: The Sun Died03:32
9. AII That I Need Is Some Time03:43
10. GoIden Days02:55
11. Goodbye, God BIess You03:30
12. Thank The Lord03:18
13. Keep A TaIkin' 'Bout Love03:16
14. Pledging My Love02:51
15. I'm Too Far Gone To Turn Around03:18
16. La La La (Just Having You Here)03:08
17. Love Love Love03:10
18. Ain't No Love03:26
19. When The Band Goes Home03:07
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