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Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein: Bernstein In Harvard 1973 (Hörbuch Engl.) (13 Disc) 

(Musik CD)
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1. Vol. I - MusicaI Phonology 
First of All02:01
2. Perhaps the Principal Thing01:39
3. Let Me Start00:53
4. This is Not Just a Sentimental Anecdote01:52
5. From this Time02:29
6. But How do we Investigate02:52
7. Now You Can See01:29
8. Universality is a Big Word02:31
9. Other Linguists02:46
10. l Began by lmagining Myself02:12
11. WeII, Then I Thought02:06
12. Let's Make a SimpIe AnaIogy02:03
13. Maybe Even a Divine One01:33
14. But Where do these Notes Come from?02:22
15. This AcousticaI Phenomenon02:08
16. AIl These Upper Notes01:52
17. The First Overtone02:33
18. But More of that Later01:56
19. But Let's Not Make the Mistake02:21
20. And that's how the Tempered CIavichord02:12
21. Now this is a Substantive UniversaI02:01
1. VoI. I - Musical PhonoIogy 
But Let's be CarefuI01:43
2. And there is Always that BIue Note01:30
3. But Even these TweIve Tones01:57
4. I Trust You Realize02:16
5. And Again Comes a Great Leap02:32
6. Now this Means01:38
7. This Is Not to Say that There Were No Drastic Changes02:28
8. But MeanwhiIe we are StiIl in the Golden Age02:55
9. So, we're in the Midst of a Chromatic Adventure01:28
10. And AlI by Those Progressions01:34
11. Now, l Must Point Out01:57
12. Do you Realize01:34
13. Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550 
l. AlIegro moIto08:18
14. Il. Andante08:31
15. lll. Menuetto, Allegretto04:36
16. IV. FinaIe. Allegro assai06:08
1. Vol. Il - Musical Syntax 
Every Once in a WhiIe01:44
2. Last Week02:24
3. Amen, says Noam Chomsky02:09
4. I Suppose What Chomsky is RealIy After02:49
5. So, Let's Pull Up Our Socks01:36
6. AIl Right, Let's Try Another One02:08
7. Why Am I Taking Your Time02:11
8. WeII Then01:48
9. I Think it FoIlows01:52
10. But First, What are These Principles01:49
11. TranformationaI Grammar01:36
12. But Now Just Think of that Sentence01:02
13. Since this is not a Linguistics Class01:49
14. Take the Passive Transformation01:51
15. WelI, it hasn't Brought us There01:51
16. Good - Now Just as Three Notes are Linked Together01:44
17. Now Iet's Go Back01:49
18. Now We Are Ready02:27
19. Now l Wanna Take You02:05
20. WeII, Transformation, Deletion, Embedding, PronominaIization01:49
21. l Am Sure l Don't Have to Trouble02:16
22. Here I Go01:30
23. I Have Asked MyseIf01:55
24. I Became so Fascinated01:42
1. Vol. II - MusicaI Syntax 
Let's Take one Such Utterance02:00
2. Now lmagine01:29
3. Now Let's See02:32
4. Mozart's G Minor Symphony01:21
5. Now Our Job is02:27
6. That Introductory Accompaniment01:26
7. What Does this Three-Note Design Mean01:55
8. The Reason I Pick Symmetry02:13
9. Now From Here On02:04
10. And Once Again, We Are Back01:10
11. By Far the Chief Transformational PrincipIe01:42
12. You See, One of the Great FaiIings01:58
13. Most People Hearing Mozart's Opening01:46
14. So What Your Ask01:59
15. And if You are StiIl not Convinced02:32
16. These Ambiguities01:20
17. For lnstance, in this Same First Movement01:59
18. So AII these Syntactic Transformations of the Same MateriaI01:14
19. He Talks About this Sonnet01:55
20. Because Now it's Time01:35
21. But Now Let's Listen to02:09
22. Listen to the Whole Exposition02:03
23. Development Coming Up02:08
24. The Circle of Fifths Again02:02
25. And That Was alI One SingIe Sentence01:18
1. Vol. lll - Musical Semantics 
The Other Day02:37
2. The First Would Show Us One Meaning01:13
3. Think of this Famous Passage02:23
4. A Linguist Would Say01:52
5. WelI, l RepIied, Chomsky WouId Say02:06
6. Of Course, That Last Metaphorical Leap01:50
7. Terrific, Said My Blonde lnquisitor01:44
8. In Fact, When You Think of the Number02:16
9. All Right, First Let's Look Briefly02:41
10. Playing, That's the Word01:48
11. But Does This Stravinskian Game Concept02:31
12. There Are Three Specific Ways02:03
13. Now, Having Defined My Usages of Metaphor01:59
14. And Here We Are in TroubIe01:06
15. Are We Feeling What Beethoven Supposedly FeIt01:45
16. We WiIl Never Know02:22
17. Now, lf We Accept This General ldea01:40
18. In Our Last Lecture01:47
19. We AlI Recognize Antithesis01:46
20. It Can And lt Does01:24
21. And Again, as in the Poem02:14
22. ln Fact, it Has Been AuthoritativeIy Suggested02:45
23. We Can Expand the ldea02:52
24. What Do You Suppose02:51
25. What' SeriousIy Striking02:16
26. So Why the PastoraIe on this Lecture02:42
27. Let's Begin at the Beginning01:41
28. But What of the More Obvious MeIodic MateriaI01:48
29. But to DeveIop How02:37
30. Now We Have an Insight02:13
31. But Wait01:52
32. But Why Were Just Those Two Notes Added02:05
1. Vol. lll - Musical Semantics 
The Metaphor Arises02:48
2. But in the Ensuing Four Bars02:11
3. But That's Not the Main Event02:04
4. WeII, That's the Beginning01:58
5. That's One of the Questions02:00
6. This Interference of the Two Frequencies02:04
7. But What Are We to Say01:40
8. It Is To Be Found01:39
9. Now That's One Way of Looking02:03
10. At This Point01:36
11. Even if You Can Succeed02:42
12. Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 'Pastoral' 
I. Erwachen heiterer Empfindungen bei der Ankunft auf dem Lande. AIlegro ma non troppo11:05
13. Il. Scene am Bach. Andante moIto moto13:42
14. lIl. Lustiges Zusammensein der LandIeute. AIlegro05:27
15. lV. Gewitter. Sturm. AIlegro03:43
16. V. Hirtengesang. Frohe und dankbare GefühIe nach dem Sturm. AIIegretto10:13
1. Vol. lV - The Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity 
When I First Wrote Down the TitIe01:41
2. Part of the Danger02:02
3. The ldea of Ambiguity01:32
4. SimilarIy, in Our Second Lecture02:05
5. Then What's the Magic Secret02:53
6. Enough of Ambiguity01:52
7. The Irony of AlI This02:07
8. But, Mind You01:53
9. Where Music Was Concerned01:29
10. Only Think Of01:58
11. And Chopin Well We Can't Ignore Chopin02:53
12. And Then, in The Same LittIe Mazurka01:57
13. FooIish Questions01:33
14. Let Me Try to Read You01:56
15. Listen To This01:45
16. They Began to lntermingle01:30
17. The PivotaI Point01:39
18. So There Is a Dramatic Change01:50
19. So it is After AIl Not So Surprising02:31
20. Now If You Noticed01:40
21. You See, the Music Is Trying Hard01:44
22. So That Instant in Musical Time01:33
23. Now Romeo Is AlI Stirred Up03:00
24. Romeo and Juliet, A Dramatic Symphony, Op. 17 
1. Romeo SeuI: Tristesse - Bruits de Concerts et de BaI - Grand Fete chez CapuIet: Andante maIinconico e sostenuto04:28
25. Allegro - Larghetto espressivo - (lnstrumentaI)01:57
26. AIlegro - (lnstrumental)02:22
27. Reunion des duex Themes, du Larghetto et de l'AIIegro (Instrumental)03:42
28. Vol. lV - The DeIights and Dangers of Ambiguity 
What a Piece02:30
29. Quite UnconsciousIy Borrowed01:50
30. My Purpose ln AII This02:25
31. Is lt, Says Wagner02:16
1. Vol. lV - The Delights and Dangers of Ambiguity 
Every Diminished Seventh Chord01:23
2. Now the RemarkabIe Thing ls02:54
3. And This ls What Gives Tristan02:53
4. PreIude and Love-Death (From 'Tristan and IsoIde')19:03
5. That May be the Slowest Performance02:26
6. But UItimateIy01:38
7. Poetry Has Begun to Show01:40
8. And When Debussy01:37
9. lt's LoveIy, This Dreaming02:35
10. For ExampIe, Do You Remember01:45
11. ln Fact, the Ending of this Piece01:17
12. Let Me Show You BriefIy02:07
13. This New Episode that Proceeds01:24
14. For Instance, HardIy Have We Had Time02:29
15. Because the ScaIe01:53
16. It's Almost ExactIy What Happens01:51
17. Literally TransIated01:35
18. But Notice, Too, that the Example01:34
19. Both Works Have Definitive Beginnings01:32
20. Listen As I PIay01:49
21. PreIude a l'apres-midi d'un faune, L. 86 - Remastered10:24
22. Vol. IV - The DeIights and Dangers of Ambiguity 
Some Crazy Modern Music01:04
1. Vol. V - The Twentieth Century Crisis 
Our Lecture Tonight00:18
2. Rhapsodie espagnole, M. 54: lV. Feria06:29
3. What a Way to Enter the Twentieth Century01:38
4. But 1908, if the Truth to be Told01:28
5. These TroubIing Presentiments02:18
6. So, now in 190802:12
7. This ls AtonaIity02:30
8. A Charming ldea00:28
9. The Unanswered Question05:23
10. l that Luminous Final Triad02:16
11. I Have RecentIy Been Reading01:59
12. We Have AIready Referred to Some of Those03:02
13. ln Any Case01:57
14. But For AIl These Reasons02:46
15. Son of Tristan02:31
16. Now You Look at Those First Two Bars02:20
17. Of Course, There Are Lots01:57
18. lt's as Though a New Covenant01:40
19. TroubIe is, That the New MusicaI Rules02:22
20. The Kind of Tonal FeeIing02:53
21. Of Course, There Are Those Who Say01:39
22. It Seems Somehow lnevitabIe02:17
23. ls There PossibIy the Beginning02:47
24. And What About Beethoven's Nineth02:44
25. These Are Some of the Problems02:41
1. Vol. V - The Twentieth Century Crisis 
Now Let's Jump Ahead02:22
2. Let's Put it Another Way02:10
3. First of AlI, Berg Chose a Tone Row01:54
4. So, All in AlI00:52
5. Berg: VioIin Concerto (Excerpt)02:23
6. Fantastic02:50
7. It Comes at a Point02:47
8. Berg: VioIin Concerto: II. AIlegro, ma sempre rubato -02:54
9. If This ParticuIarly Demanding Lecture01:21
10. If You ReaIIy Have Been Thinking02:13
11. But While Restudying this Work02:21
12. The Twentieth Century01:39
13. What Do You Do lf You Know AlI This02:35
14. lt's Very Strange, How the Pieces02:11
15. What ExactIy Was This News01:59
16. We Emerge From a Cinema01:55
17. As You Listen to This FinaIe02:35
18. This is Mahler02:41
19. Symphony No. 9 in D Major - Remastered 
lV. Adagio. Sehr Iangsam und noch zurückhaItend22:59
1. VoI. VI - The Poetry of Earth 
l Know What Your Are Thinking01:53
2. What About This01:27
3. l Am PIaguing You With this Question01:45
4. Of Course What he is Really Talking About02:06
5. But lt Was Precisely01:58
6. Now I Have Just Used Two Words01:55
7. In Fact, It Was Satie, Picasso, and Cocteau02:20
8. But Our Scene01:53
9. Even in the Most02:03
10. For Our Purposes02:11
11. MusicoIogists Are AIways Pointing01:56
12. But Bitonality Does Not Only Serve02:21
13. Of Course, PolytonaIity Can And Does02:10
14. Now What's Going On02:20
15. And WhiIe You Are in That Record Shop02:16
16. Of Course, These Asymmetries01:53
17. Brutal It May Be01:31
18. Now, Remember01:59
19. These Are Two Sets01:59
20. Just Cast An Eye02:44
21. Now That Page of Music02:59
22. But the Most Striking Semantic Effect01:40
23. This New Aesthetic Relaxation02:11
24. Even Some Germans02:06
25. You Can See How the Transformation01:55
26. Chomsky HimseIf Gives a CIassic ExampIe02:09
27. Very lmportant, the Ironic Element02:39
28. So, It Would Seem02:17
29. But This Neoclassic Approach01:11
30. l Think This Is Again a Moment02:06
31. It's the Essence02:34
32. lf This Poem Were Rewritten01:22
1. Vol. Vl - The Poetry of Earth 
Why Have I Digressed01:46
2. Now Can You Understand01:37
3. Untermeyer Called This01:42
4. Of Course, With the Waste Land01:17
5. But the Thing of It AII ls01:31
6. We Are Going to Hear01:35
7. One Has OnIy Learnt to Get02:45
8. Now I propose Only Because02:23
9. This Union ls Possible Only Because02:58
10. But What Has All This to Do With Stravinsky02:21
11. And This Is the Essence02:13
12. Look: Here Is a Joke02:02
13. ChiIIing, Shattering, Neoclassic01:46
14. Stravinsky's Own Aesthetic Pronouncements02:03
15. But Of Course He Was Forced01:31
16. And Now We Are FinaIly Ready02:36
17. And Then Mozart Appears02:35
18. But This EcIecticism Knows No Bounds01:46
19. Now AlI This I Had PIanned to TelI You01:33
20. You Think That's Funny02:43
21. How About That02:56
22. Then Came the Answer02:41
23. But Why This ParticuIar MisaIIiance01:23
24. My Words Are Poor01:58
1. Stravinsky: Oedipus Rex
Harvard GIee Club
ProIogue: 'Your Are About to Hear a Latin Version of Oedipus the King00:59
2. Act l: 'Caedit nos pestis'04:06
3. Act l: 'Liberi vos Iiberabo'03:29
4. Act I: 'This is Creon, Brother-In-Law of Oedipus00:26
5. Act l: 'Respondit Deus'06:38
6. Act l:' Oedipus Questions the Fountain of Truth02:44
7. Act l: 'Dicere non possum'05:23
8. Act I: 'GIoria!'01:11
9. Act Il: The Dispute of the Princess Attracts the Attention of Jocasta02:10
10. Act ll: 'Nonn'erubescite, reges'04:25
11. Act lI: 'Ne Probentur Oracula'03:21
12. Act Il: 'Ego senem cecici'02:07
13. Act ll: The Witness to the Murder Comes Out of the Shadow00:45
14. Act lI 'Adest omniscius pastor'04:32
15. Act ll: 'Nonne monstru rescituri'03:24
16. Act II: And Now You Are Going to Hear That Famous MonoIog01:38
17. Act lI: 'Divum Iocastae caput mortuum!'03:09
18. Act ll: 'Ecce! Regem Oedipoda'02:47
19. Va-le-di-co02:06
20. During that Decade01:46
21. lt Was At This Point That I Wrote01:43
22. What Interests Me About It02:15
23. ls it Possible01:51
24. It's As Tough in the Period02:52
25. And l Believe02:40
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