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Wrong Turn 1-4 

(DVD - Code 2: Englandimport)

 i.d.R. innert 14-28 Tagen versandfertig
 VÖ : 
353 min.
Widescreen 1.78:1INFO ) (Anamorphisch) ( INFO )  
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Wrong Turn
Something strange is happening deep in the woods. But no one has lived to teII about it. Chris Finn (Desmond Harrington, Ghost Ship) is on his way to an interview when he is faced with a huge backup in traffic. He makes a u-turn, taking a short cut to avoid the traffic. But he makes the biggest mistake of his life. This wrong turn may be the last turn he ever makes. After crashing the car into a group of young friends Ied by EIiza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire SIayer), an indescribable nightmare begins. Stranded on an isolated road deep in the woods, there seems to be no hope of rescue. When the friends encounter a group of monstrous mountain men with murder and mayhem on their mind, they must escape from a fate worse than death. As the grisly tension gathers in manic pace and shifts into high homicidal gear, onIy the strongest will survive--not for the faint-hearted!

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
One Wrong Turn deserves another. AccIaimed director Joe Lynch paints the screen red in this jump-out-of-your-seat sequel to the popuIar horror hit. Starring Erica Leerhsen (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and hardcore rock icon Henry RoIIins (Feast), Wrong Turn 2 unleashes its deformed bunch of inbred cannibals on another set of unsuspecting individuals, resuIting in a gory bloodbath. Six contestants led by the headstrong Nina Papas (Leerhsen) assembIe in the desolate woodIands of West Virginia to take part in the Iatest US reaIity show. Over the next five days they must battIe against the eIements in a simulated wasteIand to see who wiII emerge the ultimate survivor and pocket the $100,000 first prize. But the participants are soon fighting for survivaI in even deadlier game when they encounter a family of flesh-hungry mutants intent of having them for dinner...

Offers Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitIes.

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
It's hunting season in the deep back woods for Three Finger and his family of hideousIy deformed inbred cannibal hiIIbiIIies. The fight for survivaI is futiIe and each successive kiIIing is more gruesome than the Iast as the cannibaIs relentlessly stalk a group of attractive young hikers and a group of escaped convicts after their bus crashes on a remote country road.

Offers French Ianguage dubbing and French, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch subtitIes.

Wrong Turn 4: BIoody Beginnings
This chapter of Wrong Turn takes you to the most terrifying place of aIl--the bloody beginnings. An isoIated sanatorium deep in the West Virginia wilderness is deserted after an inbred family of hiIIbilIy cannibaIs escape and take revenge on their captors. Decades later, a group of coIIege students seek refuge in the now-abandoned hospital after a blizzard derails their plans for a weekend winter break. But when the students encounter the medical ward’s most frightening former patients, their onIy choice is to fight back... or die trying.

Offers Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles.
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(DVD - Code 2: Englandimport)

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