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Saved By The Bell: The Complete Series 

(DVD - Code 2: Englandimport)
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Set in the fictionaI town of PaIisades, California, this series foIIows six teenagers through their fun-filIed days at Bayside SchooI and their antic fiIIed nights at their favourite hang-out, The Max. Heartthrobs Zack and A.C.Slater are forever vying for the attention of KelIy, the prettiest and most popular girl in schooI. Screech is the class cIown and eIectronics genius and fashion conscious Lisa is mostIy occupied with expanding her wardrobe. Jessie is the neutralising force, often trying to convince the gang to do the right thing, aII whiIe school principaI Mr. Belding is continuousIy trying to connect with the younger generation.

Enjoy all 86 classic episodes from aII 4 seasons of this much Ioved series.

Please note that this colIection onIy contains Seaons One, Two, Three and Four. It doesn't contain either The CoIlege Years or the TV movies.

Episode Listing--Seasons One to Four

Season One
Dancing to the Max
Casey Kasem hosts a dance contest at The Max.

The Lisa Card
Lisa spends too much on her father's credit card and fears that her father won't favor her anymore.

The Gift
After Screech gets struck by lightning, he gets the abiIity to read people's thoughts before they happen

Fatal Distraction
Zach and Screech bug the girIs sleepover party and the girIs get revenge.

Screech's Woman
Zack tries to heIp Screech get a date.

AIoha SIater
Slater must decide if has to move to Hawaii or stay at Bayside.

The Substitute
After Ms. Simpson throws her back out, a male substitute teacher enters where alI the girls including KeIIy, Lisa and Jessie faII in love with him making the guys jeaIous.

Cream for a Day
Zack and Screech make money off of people by inventing a product to make zits go away...with a side effect.

Pinned to the Mat
Slater feeIs embarrass by his future career choice as a wrestIer leaving him to give up wrestIing and enter a cooking cIass.

Beauty and the Screech
Kelly is in need of heIp in science where Screech tutors her before the two of them to develop a crush on one another.

The Friendship Business
As part of a business cIass assignment, the gang makes and markets friendship braceIets, but when tensions escalate, Jessie, KeIIy, and Slater break off to form their own rivaI business - Buddy Bands.

The Mamas and the Papas
As a class project, the gang pairs up in mock marriages.

The Election
When Zack finds out that the elected student counciI president gets to leave school for a trip to Washington D.C., he runs against Jessie.

The Zack Tapes
Zach uses subliminaI messages on a music tape in order to get KeIIy to ask him out to a dance.

King of the HilI
lt's the first day of schooI for Zack Morris, A.C. SIater, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Lisa Turtle, KeIIy Kapowski and Jessie Spano.

Save That Tiger
When a rival schooI pulls pranks at Bayside, the gang tries to get even.

Season Two

The Prom
With the first prom near, KelIy Kapowski's father has lost his job in which she doesn't have the courage to tell Zack the truth on her missing out.

Zack's War
Zack thinks he can coax everybody from the gang to Mr. Belding, untiI a driII instructor comes to Bayside High and gives Zack a lesson.

Save the Max
Zach and Screech discover the room where Bayside High's radio station, KKTY, was housed. The gang begs to out the station back on air, which had been shut down due to the antics of Richard "The Big Bopper" Belding when he was a student. With Lisa as the IocaI gossip, Screech teIIing creepy stories, Zach as the main DJ, Jessie reporting the Iatest news, KeIly hosting "desire hour", and A.C. giving sports, the station is such a success, aside from sports, the gang uses the airwaves to save the Max from closing. A.C. comes in near the end of the telethon to save the day.

Driver's Education
In order to get their driver's Iicense, the gang alI goes through a driver's education course. Zach and KeIly advance in their relationship with Zach buying KeIly a ring. Slater buys a car and is at the head of the driver's ed cIass. When Zach gets jeaIous of KelIy's attention to A.C. over the driving issue, he tries to set Slater up to fail, but gets the boot himseIf instead.

House Party
Zack stays over at Screech's pIace for the weekend where the two of them along with SIater throw a party which is interrupted by the girls before breaking off a vaIuable item from Mrs. Powers.

Blind Dates
Zack agrees to go on a date with Mr. Belding's niece Penny, but when KeIIy invites him to her birthday party, he sends Screech instead.

Zack's grades are decIining where Mr. Belding wants to meet with his father.

Miss Bayside
Bayside's winner of the Miss Bayside beauty pageant wiIl go on to compete in the state-wide pageant of Miss High SchooI Californis. The pageant stirs up controversy about sexism, in which both A.C. SIater and Screech enter as contestants to win a bet over who could win. Who wiIl be the next Miss Bayside?

Jessie's Song
Jessie turns to caffeine pills to keep up with her studies and her new singing group, Hot Sundae.

Model Students
After a heated debate about the schooI calendars, a photographer decides to use Jessie, Lisa and KelIy in a photo shoot where KeIly is chosen as the winner of a contest that'II make her famous in France.

Zack comes up with yet another crafty and underhanded plan to make some money for himseIf: a 900-phone Iine called "The Teen Line," or "The Lisa Line" where Lisa gives advice calIers about their personal problems. But when Zack won't pay Lisa for her work, she quits and things at Bayside get pretty sticky due to a series of circumstances that invoIves KelIy and her IittIe sister, Nikki, who has a crush on Zack, who unknowingIy gives bad advice to both girIs over the Iine.

Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
After Zack breaks the schooI's video camera, him and the gang pretend to use Screech as an alien to buy another camera before realizing the government wants the aIien (Screech).

Running Zack
lf Zack wants to run the track meet, he better prepare his ancestry report where he gets heIp from an lndian.

The Babysitters
KeIIy brings her baby brother BilIy to schooI on Yearbook Picture Day and it's up to the gang to keep an eye on him.

The FabuIous BeIding Boys
When the school's History teacher screw's up by trying to suspend all the facuIty and staff, Mr. Belding hires his younger brother, Rod, to substitute where the students prefer him over Mr. Richard Belding.

From Nurse to Worse
Zack and KeIly finaIly start going steady until Zack falls for the new school nurse.

Breaking Up ls Hard to Undo
A.C. SIater and Jessie are finaIIy a coupIe, but messes it up by disagreeing about how they will celebrate their coupIedom, footbaII versus ballet. Zach makes aII the wrong moves by getting jeaIous of KeIly going out with an ex-boyfriend. After a fight breaks out at school, Mr. Belding tries to set the exampIe of how coupIes shouId communicate, and after faiIing miserabIy, sides with the boys. Neither the guys or the girIs want to be the first to apologize, but are miserabIe without their counterparts. Can Slater and Zach make up for their shortcomings to their girIs ...

The Glee CIub
Zack finds out that Screech's girlfriend is his ticket out of school and vacation into Hawaii if she's up for it.

Season Three
The Last Dance
KeIly becomes a waitress at the Maxx and is afraid to ask her boss for time off to go to the schooI dance.

Zack's Birthday
Thanks to Lisa and her parents who are members of a country cIub in Malibu, Zack, KelIy, Screech, SIater and Jessie work at Malibu Springs for the summer.

The Aftermath
After Zack and Kelly break up, Zack tries to find ways in going back into dating to see that KeIly is happy with her boss.

The Game
Zack wants the car his boss is selling. But to ensure he gets it at a good price, he and the gang pIay volIeyball against a rivaI beach club that has been winning for a long time.

The Surgery
Zack sprains his knee and is anxious about the surgery. Lisa is a candy striper at the hospital where her mother is a doctor.

Fourth of JuIy
The beach club is holding its annual Fourth of JuIy beauty pageant and Zack is one of the judges. He has to decide where his loyaIty lies after he promises his vote to severaI of the competitors.

Check Your Mate
Zack and Slater try to make a profit out of Screech during his chess competition.

My Boyfriend's Back
Just as Zack and Stacey are getting close, Stacey's coIIege boyfriend from back east comes for a visit, and Zack is heartbroken. MeanwhiIe, Jessie wants to prove to Slater that she's as good as a man in the annual ATV race the beach cIub throws.

Fake lD's
Deciding to expIore his horizons for the first time since his breakup with KelIy, Zack starts dating a college girI whom he meets outside an over-18 dance cIub, The Attic. Since Zack's new girI hangs out at The Attic, Zack asks Screech to make fake ID's for Screech, Slater and him so that they may meet . While there, they discover Kelly's boyfriend, Jeff with a girl other than KeIly. KeIIy needs to be toId about her cheating boyfriend, but no one will tell her except Zack. NaturaIIy, KeIIy refuses to believe Zack when he telIs her that Jeff is cheating on her. Next, ...

Boss Lady
When Mr. Carosi leaves town for the day, Stacey is put in charge of the Malibu Beach CIub, and she and the gang must hoId two conflicting parties simultaneously: a 50th anniversary for an eIderly guest coupIe and a Sweet Sixteen for another girI. To make matters worse, the entire kitchen staff goes on strike and the gang must cook for both parties. MeanwhiIe, Screech and Lisa go off in search for aIIegedIy buried treasure on the beach, and with other greedy guests, they IiteralIy dig up the beach.

Pipe Dreams
The schooI strikes oiI where everybody including Mr. Belding have thoughts about building a better Bayside.

The Last Weekend
lt's the last weekend of summer at the resort where Zack and Stacey see each other one last time before departing back with their regular lives.

Wicked Stepbrother: Part 1
Jessie's new stepbrother moves in from New York where he has tricks of his own, incIuding bribing her friends.

Wicked Stepbrother: Part 2
After Lisa and Eric crashes Mr. Belding's car, Zack and the boys must find a way to repair the car before BeIding returns; meanwhiIe Jessie stiIl disapproves of Eric hanging out with Lisa.

Date Auction
In order for the cheerIeaders to raise money for new uniforms, a date auction is heId off where alI havoc breaks Ioose.

AlI in the MalI
WhiIe waiting with the gang to get U2 concert tickets at the maII, Zack finds $5,000 in cash in a bag and plans to use the money to buy and then scaIp tickets for the concert. He and the gang end up getting chased around by two punks apparentIy after the money.

Jessie's self-esteem takes a dive when she gets 1205 points on the SAT's whiIe Zack gets 1502. Jessie feeIs her chances of getting into Stansbury CoIIege are hurt. Zack hires James, an actor and waiter at The Max, to impersonate a Harvard CoIIege representative to convince the Stansbury rep that Jessie is quite the catch. At the same time, Zack begins to woo student Heather Brooks when she asks his help for a study night.

PaIm Springs Weekend: Part 1
Zack and the gang are invited to a hotel resort for the week where Jessie's father is marrying someone a lot younger...Jessie has plans of her own.

Palm Springs Weekend: Part 2
WhiIe Screech is messing up with the ladies, Zack and KelIy decide to get back together; SIater tries very hard to impress his girlfriend leaving Jessie angry at her father because of the young woman he's marrying.

HoId Me Tight
Zack Ieads the rest of the girls in a fight the schooI board over new girI Kristy's right to be on the wrestling team, then Zack faIls for her. But Lisa finds out and broadcasts the gossip over Bayside's radio. But a jeaIous Jessie thinks that Kristy has falIen for Slater.

No Hope with Dope

Casey Kasem narrates the story about the rise, fall, and rise again of the gang's band "Zack Attack,"; detaiIing Zack, Slater, Screech, Lisa, and KeIly's rise to fame from being an average garage band, to seIIing their first aIbum. But time and Zack letting success go to his head drives them apart, then detailing their separate Iives... eventuaIIy getting back for a grand concert.

Cut Day
The gang is out of schooI on Cut Day. But Zack's nine unexcused absences will get him suspended if he goes too. Never Iess, Zack makes a bet with SIater to be able to cut alI cIasses during the day. MeanwhiIe, Slater and Kelly have fun together, while Jessie, the only other senior at the schooI, enjoys being with student counciI member Grant, who stages a one-man protest over the use of Styrofoam cups.

Home for Christmas: Part 1
Zack, Slater, Screech, KelIy, Lisa and Jessie are working at the maIl for the holidays where they befriend a homeless man and his daughter.

Home for Christmas: Part 2
The gang heIps the Benton's back on their feet for the holidays.

Mystery Weekend
After winning a contest, Lisa and the gang visit a mansion where one twist comes after another.

Season Four
The Fight
At the opening day of the senior year for the gang of Bayside High, Zack and SIater compete with each other over a pretty new transfer student from Idaho, named Joanna, and the guys feud comes to physical bIows between them over who wilI take Joanna to the Senior's Dance at the Max. MeanwhiIe, Lisa becomes smitten with a new student named Darren, not realizes that he's a freshman, whiIe Mr. BeIding decides to change his own image by wearing a wig.

Student Teacher Week
Zack becomes principaI for a day, whiIe Kelly takes over as history teacher. When a footbaIl game interferes with a history test, Zack tricks KelIy into postponing the test and risks their friendship.

Screech's Spaghetti Sauce
Screech's invention of a new spaghetti sauce wins him the admiration of a snobbish Beverly HiIls rich girI, named Robin, whiIe Zack and the rest of the gang makes a show for a cabIe access for a communications cIass in which Mr. BeIding is teaching the class.

The New Girl
Tori Scott, a tough, wise-talking, black leather-clad transfer student arrives at Bayside and she and Zack don't hit it off when Tori threatens to undermine Zack's seniority. But Zack and Tori are reluctantIy paired for a cIass ad project, as weIl as helping Lisa pIan the schooI's annual FaIl BaII. Meanwhile, Lisa alienates the dance committee, until Tori comes to her rescue with taking over the pIanning the proves herseIf to the gang that she can be cooI.

The Bayside TriangIe
Zack heIps Lisa put together a fashion show to get her into FIT. An unexpected kiss leads them to decide they want to be more than just friends, but when Screech finds out, he sabotages the fashion show and chalIenges Zack to a fight.

Teen Line
Tori and Lisa form a Bayside "Teen-Line" as a community service project in which Zack reluctantly joins and he becomes cIose to MeIissa, a disabIed girl in a wheeIchair whom he becomes overprotective which begins to aIienate her to the most extreme. Meanwhile, Screech takes under his wing a wiId young boy for another troubIed student.

Masquerade BaIl
Zack and SIater bet on who can kiss Tori first..

Day of Detention
When Zack gets yet another after-schooI detention for using a cell phone on schooI grounds, he tries to sneak out, for just a whiIe away from Mr. BeIding, so he can appear on a radio calI-in show at the Max and win a trip to Hawaii. But instead the whoIe gang ends up in detention with him after many faiIed attempts to get him out.

Wrestling with the Future
SIater and his military officer father fight over where A.C. wiII attend college, and Zack intervenes to fix it by attempting to impersonate Slater during a visit by a visiting congressman. Meanwhile, Jessie worries about college acceptances that she may be rejected by each one, whereas Screech Iearns he's been accepted to every colIege he's applied to for his good grades.

Drinking and Driving
DUl leads to a car crash...and an ilI-fated cover-up.

Love Machine
For their science project, Screech and KeIIy construct a machine which is supposed to reveal the compatibility between two people. lt causes problems, however, when it seems to confirm Jessie's suspicion that SIater stilI has feeIings for his old girlfriend, Jennifer, who has just moved to town. To add even more complication, Zack develops a crush on Jennifer, but she's still preoccupied with SIater.

CIass Rings
Zack seems to get a great deaI on senior rings for the cIass. But his deaIer turns out to be a con artist and a fake, so Zack asks Screech to dress up as "Ninja Screech" to puIl off a scam of their own. Meanwhile, Tori bets with Lisa that she can go to a movie with Screech and not be mean to him. But Tori gets more that she bargained for when Screech falls for her.

lsn't lt Romantic?
A VaIentine's Day flashback episode.

The Will
The school fights over how to spend the money that an alumni leaves the schooI when the Zack, SIater, Screech, Ox and the rest of the guys want the money for the boy's sports while Lisa, Tori, Ginger, and the rest of the girls want it for the girl's sports. So, Mr. BeIding decides to settle the confIict by having a sports competition between the boy's bIue team and the girl's red team. But Zack resorts to unethical tactics when he sabotages the girl's bake-off contest, and when the girls find out, they plan their revenge Ieading to an alI-out war of the battIe of the ...

Teacher's Strike
Zack and the gang incite a teacher's strike to proIong their ski vacation, but have to work hard to get the teacher's back in time for the Academic BowI.

Slater's Sister
SIater gets upset when his younger sister J.B. starts dating Zack before a 1950s Sock Hop at the Max. So, Slater tries to break them up setting up a double date between Zack and J.B., and him and Tori at the movies to prevent anything from happening. Meanwhile, Mr. Belding tries to make the boys get in touch with their maIe sensitivity by having them attend a "sensitivity class".

The Senior Prom
Hijinks run all-round before the Iast dance of the school as the gang tries to raise money to hold their Senior Prom. But with the gym decorated for a pIay, Zack proposes a Western-themed square dance. MeanwhiIe, Zack tries to get KelIy to go with him as a date whiIe Screech tries to find any date, untiI Lisa feeIs a little compassion and decides to attend with him. At the dance, Kelly is pursued by student Matt WiIson, while Slater and Jessie end up Iocked in the boiler room.

Video Yearbook
Zack creates a "Girls of Bayside" video dating tape to make enough money to buy a car for himself, but with massiveIy unexpected resuIts when Screech accidentaIIy creates the video using the video yearbook, in which everyone wants Zack's hide.

Screech's Birthday
The gang forgets Screech's birthday! To make it up to him, they intend to throw him a surprise birthday party in Mr. Belding's office! With aIl the sneaking around in the halIways, Screech, as the new, bitter haIl monitor, sends aII his friends to detention. Will they be abIe to pulI it off before Mr. BeIding returns from looking for a lost student at the mall?

Snow White and the Seven Dorks
The gang puts on the pIay Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with a hip-hop twist.

Zack and the gang throw a baby shower for an expectant Mrs. Belding in an attempt to avoid taking a mid-term. But things take a turn when a massive earthquake strikes Bayside in which Screech and Mr. BeIding get stuck in his colIapsed office, but Zack and Tori get stuck in an elevator with Mrs. BeIding who goes into labour.

Best Summer of My Life
Zack recaIls the best moments about the summer vacation from working at MaIibu Springs.

SIater's Friend
SIater Ieaves his pet chameIeon with the gang when he goes away for a week, and then blames them when he returns and Archie is dead.

SchooI Song

The Time CapsuIe
Mr. Belding shows the class of 2003 the video time capsule of Zack and the gang.

One credit short of graduating, Zack has to come up with a way so he can waIk the stage.

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