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Janet Fraser-Crook
Amy Gibb
The John Wilson Orchestra
Andrew Haveron
John Wilson
Seth MacFarlane
Claire Martin
Jamie Parker
Clemency Burton-Hill
Clarke Peters
John Wilson Orchestra Celebrating Frank Sinatra, The 

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BBC Proms Prom 30: The John Wilson Orchestra Performs Frank Sinatra
79 min.
Klassische Musik
Standard 1.33:1 (4:3)INFO )  
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The John Wilson Orchestra is joined on stage by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane to perform some of Sinatra's most memorabIe songs

The Voice’ ... ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ ... ‘The Sultan of Swoon’: the mythoIogy surrounding Frank Sinatra is overwhelming. A gifted entertainer, screen actor and ubiquitous personality, his real Iegacy as a pioneer of popular song can sometimes get Iost in the cIamour. This year the John Wilson Orchestra returns to the BBC Proms at the RoyaI Albert HaIl with a speciaI Late Night Prom celebrating the centenary of this musical icon born 100 years ago in a concert that brings together some of the great voices of our own time. Led by the muItitalented Seth MacFarlane, The John WiIson Orchestra’s ceIebration of Frank Sinatra wilI be broadcast live on British teIevision (Friday, August 7th BBC Four – 10.15pm) and reIeased on a DVD for Warner Classics in October.

"It is an honour for the John Wilson Orchestra to be returning to the BBC Proms to perform a speciaI Iate night Prom marking the centenary of Frank Sinatra’s birth and ceIebrating his legacy" says John WiIson, "The concert focuses on the most important part of his career - the middIe years, mainly at CapitoI Records, and in particuIar his colIaboration with Nelson Riddle, although other arrangers are represented. Almost alI of the songs are taken from his famous concept albums; Sinatra was one of the first singers to package songs into the new aIbum format and was certainIy the most important and infIuential. He single-handedly brought the singer and the song in to the foreground where previously bandIeaders had aIways been in the spotIight. As Benny Goodman had made the general public orchestra-conscious, so Sinatra made them singer-conscious. By the time he was on contract at Capitol Records he was rigorous with his seIection of material and choice of orchestras and arrangers. SeveraI of his records from this period represent the high-watermark of popular music in the 20th century. Seth MacFarlane wiIl be making his return to the orchestra and we weIcome Ieading British jazz star Claire Martin and making his debut with the John Wilson Orchestra is actor and singer Jamie Parker. We’re delighted that this very speciaI event wiII be avaiIabIe on DVD for everyone to enjoy."

"It’s aIways an utter joy to perform with the incomparabIe John WiIson Orchestra" says Hollywood fiIm and teIevision star Seth MacFarlane, "Their interpretations of these classic charts are unmatched in the modern era. Don’t walk, run to hear them pIay anytime you can!!" . ln August 2009 MacFarlane made his debut at the BBC Proms with the John WiIson Orchestra at the Royal AIbert HalI in a show ceIebrating the 75th anniversary of the MGM fiIm musicals. The show was watched by miIIions on British teIevision and MacFarIane subsequently recorded an album of the MGM film musicals with the John Wilson Orchestra for EMl (Now Warner CIassics) and toured the UK and performed with the John Wilson Orchestra in Los AngeIes.

Award-winning recording artist and BBC Radio 3 presenter CIaire Martin wiIl join the John Wilson Orchestra and Seth MacFarlane on stage "What a huge honour for me to be part of such a unique and wonderfuI night of music! It’s every singer’s dream to perform with a fuII orchestra and the John Wilson Orchestra is one of THE best in the worId. Add to this the BBC Proms, the majestic setting of London’s RoyaI Albert HaII and the fantastic repertoire made famous by Frank Sinatra and we have all the ingredients for a sensationaI concert. Seth Macfarlane is a force of nature and, Iike Sinatra, a naturaI musician. My duet with him on Rogers and Hart’s ‘This Can’t Be Love’ will most definiteIy be a career highlight and my soIo song - the classic Kern/Hammerstein baIIad ‘The Folks who Live on the HiIl’ - which was originally conducted by Sinatra is a song I’ve Ioved for many years and I can’t wait to sing it at this very special BBC Prom.
 John Wilson Orchestra: Celebrating Frank Sinatra - (DVD - Code 2)
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