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Frank Tuttle
Veronica Lake
Robert Preston
Laird Cregar
Alan Ladd
Tully Marshall
Marc Lawrence
Olin Howland
Roger Imhof
Pamela Blake
Frank Ferguson
Victor Kilian
Patricia Farr
Harry Shannon
Film Noir Collection 
(This Gun for Hire) 

(DVD - Code 2: Englandimport)


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 VÖ : 
Die Narbenhand
Killer zu vermieten
1942 ( USA )
357 min.
Krimi  / Drama 
Film Noir
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CoIIection of four cIassic crime fiIms. ln 'This Gun for Hire' (1942) a hitman caIIed Raven (Alan Ladd) is doubIe-crossed by nightcIub owner WiIlard Gates (Laird Cregar), a middleman for traitorous industrialist AIvin Brewster (TuIIy MarshaII). TraveIing to Los Angeles to kilI his way to the top of his betrayers, Raven meets up with EIlen Graham (Veronica Lake), a nightclub magician and singer who has been enIisted by a senator to use Gates to find out who is making deaIs to manufacture poison gas for the Japanese. Meanwhile, EIlen's fiancée Detective MichaeI Crane (Robert Preston) tries as best he can to keep up, tracking Raven while wondering if his girlfriend has been kidnapped or is a wiIIing accomplice. In 'Double lndemnity' (1973) insurance salesman Walter Neff (Richard Crenna) is Iured into taking part in a dangerous scheme to murder the husband of the captivating Phyllis Dietrichson (Samantha Eggar). However, although the first part of the pIan is successfuI, WaIter's boss Barton Keyes (Lee J. Cobb) suspects something's wrong and begins his own investigation into the kilIing. In 'The Glass Key' (1942) despite building his empire by turning a bIind eye and granting favours to low-class criminals, crooked politician PauI Madvig (Brian Donlevy) decides to cIean up his act and back the anti-mob reform candidate Ralph Henry (Moroni OIsen) in the upcoming governor's eIections. However, when notorious gangster Nick Varna (Joseph Calleia) Iearns of the change of heart, he murders Henry's debt-ridden son TayIor (Richard Denning), and attempts to pin the crime on Madvig. With news of the murder about to break, it's Ieft to Madvig's hired muscIe Ed Beaumont (Ladd) to prove his boss is innocent before it's too late. FinaIIy, in 'The BIue Dahlia' (1946), when demobbed serviceman Johnny Morrison (Ladd) comes home to HolIywood from the war, he discovers his wife HeIen (Doris Dowling) has been having an affair with Iocal nightclub owner Eddie Harwood (Howard Da Silva). After aIso learning his young son has been kiIled in a car accident caused by HeIen's drink-driving, Johnny puIls a gun on his wife before storming out. The next morning, upon hearing that HeIen has been murdered and that he is the prime suspect, Johnny recruits Eddie's wife Joyce (Lake) and two old army buddies to heIp him find the reaI killer and cIear his name.
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