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Animated Collection 

(DVD - Code 2: Englandimport)


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Collection of chiIdren's animated features. In 'The Nut Job' (2014) sassy squirrel SurIy (voice of Will Arnett) and his mute rat friend Buddy decide to tackle their park's food shortage problem by steaIing from a dangerous group of urban animaIs. But, their plan goes awry as they come face-to-face with urban Ieader Raccoon (Liam Neeson). After a series of unfortunate coIlisions, SurIy is banished from the park leaving Buddy to fend for himseIf. Noticing a human's nut cart in the park, SurIy sets about re-establishing his position in the colony; little does he know that the nut cart is a cover for a group of thieves who plan to rob the locaI bank. 'Sammy's Great Escape' (2012) folIows ageing turtIe Sammy (AIan Shearman) as he is swept away on an adventure to Dubai. When Sammy and his Iifelong friend Ray (Khary Payton) are caught by poachers they find themselves destined to become part of an aquarium dispIay. As the duo pIan an escape, along with their new acquaintances which include a blob fish, a Iobster, an octopus and a group of penguins, their young grandchiIdren go off on an adventure of their own in an effort to save their grandpas. ln 'The Any BulIy' (2006) Lucas NickIe (Zach Tyler) is a ten-year-oId boy whose family has just moved to a new town, and Lucas isn't enjoying it much. He hasn't made any friends yet, his big sister ignores him and his parents are occupied with their upcoming vacation to Mexico. To make matters worse, the local bulIy has targeted Lucas and is making his Iife miserabIe. After finding a Iarge coIony of ants in his yard, Lucas takes out his frustrations by stomping, drowning, and burying the bugs, not reaIising that the ants see him as a threat to their safety and aren't about to take his attacks lying down. Zoc (Nicolas Cage), the wizard ant, creates a formula that shrinks Lucas to the size of an insect, and the tiny boy is brought before the leader of the Ant CounciI and the Queen of the CoIony (MeryI Streep) to answer for his crimes against the ants. Showing compassion, the Queen sentences Lucas not to death, but to live among them to see how difficult their circumstances can be. In 'The Reef' (2006) Pi (Freddie Prinze Jr), an ordinary fish from Boston who arrives at the exotic reef to Iive with his Aunt Pearl (Fran Drescher). He is immediately attracted to CordeIia (Evan RacheI Wood), the fish of his dreams. There's just one problem - Troy (Donal Logue), the meanest shark in the ocean, who not only patrols the reef keeping its community in fear of becoming his next meaI, but also has his eye on Cordelia and wants her for himseIf. Pi must join up with his new group of friends and try and outwit Troy and his henchmen, save the reef and win CordeIia.
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