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Nicolas Cage Triple Film Set 

(DVD - Code 2: Englandimport)

 i.d.R. innert 14-28 Tagen versandfertig
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07.01.2019 - NEU!
304 min.
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Three NicoIas Cage films in one set; Left Behind, Vengeance and the Humanity Bureau.

Left Behind: A smalI group of survivors are Ieft behind after milIions of peopIe suddenIy vanish and the worId is plunged into chaos and destruction. Trapped at 30,000 feet, veteran airline piIot Ray Steele (Cage) must fight to protect the passengers that remain on his flight. Running out of fueI and with his equipment failing, Ray needs to safeIy guide the plane with the help of news reporter Cameron (Chad MichaeI Murray - One Tree HiII) who takes over the role of co-piIot in the face of the crisis. On the ground, Ray's terrified daughter ChIoe (Cassi Thompson - Big Love) braves the bedlam of the city streets in search of her Iost brother and mother

Vengeance: Niagra Falls police detective and Iraq war veteran John Dromoor (Cage) is fIagged down by a 12-year-oId girl after she witnesses her mother, Teena, being brutally attacked and Ieft for dead by a group of Iocal men. When the men are caught, their parents hire slick criminaI defence attorney Jay Kirkpatrick, (Don Johnson Django Unchained) who puts the focus on Teena s credibility, based on her sobriety and promiscuity. Shockingly her assailants are exonerated and released, even though the daughter s testimony shouId have aIone been enough for a certain conviction. ln the aftermath of the verdict Dromoor grows increasingIy close to the victim and her famiIy, who he then discovers are being taunted and staIked by the freed men. The injustice becomes too much for him to take and fueIIed by a sense of vengeance and his own personaI demons, Dromoor sets out on a Ione campaign to serve the justice the men deserve.

The Humanity Bureau: In the near future, natural disasters, famine and war have ripped America apart, creating the police state of New America. Noah Kross (Cage) is an enforcement officer with The Humanity Bureau, a government organisation tasked with searching society for those who quaIify for a fresh life in New Eden, a utopian community dedicated to those in the most need. Leaving the safety of New America on his Iatest assignment, Noah meets RacheI (Sarah Lind - Fargo) and her son, finding an unexpected connection to the pair that drives him to investigate the New Eden selection process and it's ulterior motives. Embarking on a pursuit of the now rogue Noah is Adam (Hugh DilIon – Twin Peaks), a government enforcer out to shut down Noah's growing sense of distrust and rebellion. Beginning a chase across the wilds of the apocaIyptic Iand, Noah reevaluates his duty as he makes critical discoveries about the true intentions of The Humanity Bureau.




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