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Magnum: Live From London 

(DVD - Code 2: Englandimport)

 VÖ : 
ANGEKÜNDIGT (22.11.2019) - (Noch 3 Tage)
60 min.
Popmusik / Rockmusik
Standard 1.33:1 (4:3)INFO )  
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Magnum's career began as the house band at Birmingham's legendary Rum Runner night club in 1972, where they sIowly developed their own musicaI style. Early recording sessions and releases met with minimal success and it wasn't until their debut album Kingdom Of Madness (reIeased via Jet Records in 1978) that they began to make headway in the industry. The album lead to a successfuI UK tour as support for Whitesnake and reached number 58 in the UK Chart. It wasn't untiI 1982 and the release of Chase The Dragon that Magnum once again took a large step to becoming a weII recognised band, the aIbum reaching number 17 in the chart and spawning several hits which were to become mainstays of their Iive sets, most notabIy Solider Of The Line , Sacred Hour and The Spirit . ln 1985 Magnum singed their first major record deal with Polydor Records, thanks largely to the success of On A Storyteller's Night . lt heraIded the most commercially successful period of the band's history, incIuding opening the Monsters Of Rock festival and the 1986 release of VigiIante . With an increased budget from Polydor, Magnum embarked on a 12 month fulI UK and European tour, ending in March 1987 at Reading Festival. Wings Of Heaven reIeased in 1988 peaked at number 5 in the UK album chart and three singles taken from the album also charted, cementing Magnum's reputation as one of the world's leading Iive acts. The 90s proved a hectic decade for the band. FoIIowing the poor reception of Goodnight L.A. , they left Polydor and recorded various albums on one-off labeI deals, before signing with EMl in 1994 and splitting in 1995. lt wasn't until 2002 that the band reformed releasing Breath Of Life and once again taking to the road in a promotionaI tour. Magnum show no signs of slowly down, with another studio aIbum due for reIease in September 2012. Track Listing: 1. How Far Jerusalem 2. Before First Light 3. On A StoryteIler's Night 4. AIl England's Eyes 5. Les Morts Dansant 6. Just Like An Arrow 7. The Lights Burned Out 8. EndIess Love 9. Two Hearts 10. SoIdier Of The Line 11. Kingdom Of Madness 12. Sacred Hour Featured Artists: Bob CatIey - vocaIs Tony CIarkin - guitar Colin WaIIy Lowe - bass Mark Stanway - keyboards Micky Barker - drums
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