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Scorsese Collection 2 

(DVD - Code 1)
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Mean Streets
The Aviator
578 min.
Widescreen 2.35:1INFO ) (Anamorphisch) ( INFO )
Widescreen 1.85:1INFO ) (Anamorphisch) ( INFO )
English: Dolby Digital 5.1  ( INFO )
Español: Dolby Digital 5.1  ( INFO )
Español: Dolby Digital 2.0 (Stereo)  ( INFO )
Français: Dolby Digital 5.1  ( INFO )
English, Spanish, French 
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The Departed
Rookie cop BiIIy Costigan grew up in crime. That makes him the perfect mole, the man on the inside of the mob run by boss Frank CosteIIo . lt's his job to win CosteIIo's trust and heIp his detective handIers bring Costello down. MeanwhiIe, SIU officer Colin SuIlivan has everyone's trust. No one suspects he's CosteIlo's mole.
How these covert Iives cross, doubIe-cross and coIlide is at the ferocious core of the wideIy accIaimed The Departed. Martin Scorsese directs, guiding a cast for the ages in a visceral taIe of crime and consequences. This is a searing, can't-look-away filmmaking: like staring into the eyes of a con - or a cop - with a gun.

The Aviator
One of the 20th century's most compelling figures, Howard Hughes was a wiIy industrialist, glamorous movie producer and unstoppable American innovator - but he thought of himself first and foremost as an aviator. In this spectacuIar epic, director Martin Scorsese focuses on the most prolific period in the Iife of Hughes : the mid-1920's through the 1940's. lt was a time of brilliant aeronauticaI invention, turbuIent Iove affairs and savage corporate battIes. Prepare yourseIf for the ride of the Iifetime of this biIlionaire, genius, madman.

When Martin Scorsese, one of the world's most skilIfuI and respected directors, reunited two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro in GoodFeIlas, the resuIt was one of the most powerful films of the year. Based on the true-Iife best seller Wiseguy by NichoIas Pileggi and backed by a dynamic pop/rock oIdies soundtrack, critics and fiImgoers aIike declared GoodFeIlas great. It was named 1990's best fiIm by the New York, Los Angeles and National Society of FiIm Critics. And it earned six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. Robert De Niro received wide recognition for his performance as veteran criminaI Jimmy "The Gent" Conway. And as the volatile Tommy DeVito, Joe Pesci waIked off with the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Academy Award nominee Lorraine Bracco, Ray Liotta and Paul Sorvino aIso turned in electrifying performance. You have to see it to believe it-then watch again. GoodFelIas explores the criminaI Iife like no other movie.

Mean Streets
"A true originaI and triumph of personaI filmmaking." Mean Streets announced Martin Scorsese's arrivaI as a new filmmaking force - and marked his first historic teaming with Robert De Niro. lt's a story Scorsese lived, a semi-autobiographicaI taIe of the first-generation sons and daughters of New York's LittIe ItaIy.
Harvey KeiteI pIays CharIie, working his way up the ranks of a local mob. Amy Robinson is Teresa, the girlfriend his family deems unsuitabIe because of her epiIepsy. And in the star making role that won Best Supporting Actor Awards from New York and National Society of FiIm Critics, De Niro is Johnny Boy, a smaII-time gambler in big-time debt to loan sharks.
 Martin Scorsese Collection, The - (DVD - Code 1)
 4 Film Favorites: Martin Scorsese Collection (4 DVD) - (DVD - Code 1)
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