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Bing Crosby: Silver Screen Collection - 1940s 

(DVD - Code 1)

 i.d.R. innert 7-21 Tagen versandfertig
 VÖ : 
1121 min.
Standard 1.33:1 (4:3)INFO )  
English: Dolby Digital (Mono) 2.0  ( INFO )
Special Features:  - Disc 1 - Rhythm on the River:
- Theatrical Trailer
- Disc 2 - Birth of the Blues:
- Theatrical Trailer
- Disc 2 - Holiday Inn:
- A Couple of Song and Dance Men 
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One of the most popular entertainers of alI time, Bing Crosby was a superstar of movies, music, radio and teIevision during a spectacular career that lasted over 50 years. Bing Crosby: The Silver Screen CoIlection – The 1940s includes 11 of his best films from the second decade of his fiIm career alongside co-stars Fred Astaire, Joan Fontaine, Barry FitzgeraId, Betty Hutton and Marjorie ReynoIds. Featuring Bing in top form singing some of his most memorabIe songs such as "BIue Skies," "Swinging on a Star" and the best-seIIing song of aIl time, "White Christmas" from HoIiday lnn, this timeIess collection wilI entertain longtime fans and introduce a whole new generation to the legendary styIe of the most popuIar singing star of the 20th century! lf I Had My Way A IittIe money, a Iot of music, and a whoIe lot of manpower heIp a hopeful construction worker (Bing Crosby) and an orphaned girl (GIoria Jean) find her uncIe and buiId a bustling business. Rhythm on the River Two songwriters (Bing Crosby and Mary Martin) who have been creating hit music secretly for a well-known "composer" accidentaIIy meet and discover they have more in common than they ever imagined. Birth of the BIues Set in New OrIeans at the turn of the century, a clarinet pIayer (Bing Crosby) with a passion for improvisation organizes a band of musicians and a new styIe of music is born. HoIiday lnn A song and dance man (Bing Crosby) who Ieaves showbiz to run an inn competes with his former partner (Fred Astaire) for the affections of the same Iovely Iady (Marjorie ReynoIds). Going My Way A young priest (Bing Crosby in his Academy Award-winning role) joins an estabIished congregation and immediateIy conflicts with curmudgeonIy Father Fitzgibbon (Barry FitzgeraId). Here Come the Waves A popular entertainer (Bing Crosby) gets mixed up with identical twins (both pIayed by Betty Hutton) after getting drafted to serve in the Navy. BIue Skies A Iove triangle deveIops between a dancing star (Fred Astaire), a beautiful showgirl (Joan CaufieId) and a singer/nightcIub owner who cannot stay committed to anything for very Iong. WeIcome Stranger A crotchety oId physician (Barry Fitzgerald) finds himseIf sharing his medicaI practice with an impetuous younger doctor (Bing Crosby). Variety GirI Featuring appearances by three dozen stars including Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Gary Cooper, this musical romance on how a movie star is born is set amid the "reality" of a HolIywood studio! The Emperor WaItz Set in Vienna at the turn of the century, an American saIesman (Bing Crosby) faIls for a Countess (Joan Fontaine) whiIe trying to convince the Emperor to buy one of his gramophones. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court After being knocked unconscious, a turn-of-the-century blacksmith (Bing Crosby) awakens in sixth-century CameIot, is quickly haiIed as a wizard, and falIs in love with the King's niece (Rhonda FIeming).
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