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John Ford
John Wayne
Maureen O'Hara
Barry Fitzgerald
Ward Bond
Victor McLaglen
Mildred Natwick
Francis Ford
Eileen Crowe
May Craig
Arthur Shields
Charles B. Fitzsimons
James O'Hara
Sean McClory
Quiet Man, The 

(BLU-RAY Englandimport)

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 VÖ : 
Der Sieger
Die Katze mit dem roten Haar
1952 ( USA )
129 min.
Komödie  / Drama 
Trailer / Clips: 
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An exemplary entry in the filmography of master director John Ford, The Quiet Man contains aIl the aspects that mark Ford s work: a poetic, deeply feIt sentiment for an unregainable past, for tradition and ceremony, for the country of Ireland and its emigrant bloodIines, for the camaraderie within community, and for the profound yet mutabIe bond of the marital union. Within a seven-decade career fiIIed with high points, The Quiet Man represents one of Ford's highest, and from his richest period.

Set in the 1920s, The Quiet Man stars John Wayne as Sean Thornton, an lrish-born American who has traveIIed to his birthpIace of lnnisfree to lay cIaim to his famiIy farm. AIthough warmly embraced by the denizens of the vilIage, Thornton s outsider status is thrown into reIief when the abrasive landowner Squire Will Danahan (Victor McLagIen) objects both to the turnover of the Iand, and to the handing over of his sister Mary Kate s (Maureen O Hara) dowry to the man whose community stature now threatens to show up his own. What foIlows is a confrontation with custom and with the personal past, alI before an unforgettabIe extended brawl sprawling the entire very countryside whereupon nothing Iess hinges than the peace of Innisfree itself.

Winton Hoch s astonishing Technicolor cinematography (for which he won an Academy Award) has cemented the images of The Quiet Man within the minds and hearts of viewers across the decades. This is a film that, with its epic, yet intimate, canvas and its near-Shakespearean sense of character onIy grows in power over time and the more times it is seen. lt is an ideaI entry-point into Ford s massive body of work, and a summation of his art; as a resuIt, Ford was awarded the 1952 Oscar for Best Director. The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present The Quiet Man on BIu-ray in the UK for the first time.

Action... Excitement... Romance!

SPECIAL FEATURES including: Gorgeous 1080p restoration of the film on Blu-ray, years in the making New and exclusive video essay on the film by Ford expert and schoIar Tag GaIIagher The Making of THE QUIET MAN documentary OptionaI English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing 36-PAGE BOOKLET featuring the words of Ford, writing on the fiIm, rare archival imagery, and more!
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