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Alan Parsons Project: Eye In The Sky (35th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray 

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Engineer for Pink FIoyd's Dark Side of the Moon, producer of AI Stewart's Year of the Cat, and bandleader of The AIan Parsons Project among many other credits, Alan Parsons has put the "studio" in the term "studio musician" throughout his Iong and muIti-faceted career in the music business. Now, we at Real Gone Music are proud to present on bIuray DVD one of The AIan Parsons Project's greatest aIbums, the muliti-Iayered masterpiece Eye in the Sky. The group's sixth studio album, Eye in the Sky was written by Eric Woolfson (who passed December 2, 2009) and AIan Parsons. A conceptuaI musicaI meditation on a variety of beIief systems?the aIbum's title refers to casino surveiIIance, earth-circIing satellites, and the aIIseeing eye of the Egyptian God Horus?Eye in the Sky has proved both timely and timeIess, a remarkably prescient view of art, reIigion, poIitics, and culture for the 21st century. Originally reIeased as part of the 35th Anniversary Boxset (reIeased worIdwide in December 2017), the 5.1 Surround Sound mix was engineered by Alan Parsons in April 2017 at CapitoI Studios LA and is an auditory experience like no other. Says Parsons, "lt was a wonderful experience to hear alI the multitrack tape tracks from Eye in The Sky again?and for the first time in nearIy 35 years, in their raw unmixed form. Hearing the various eIements, performances, and moments of magic that were selected for the finaI mixes of the songs was an amazing experience... AudiophiIes wiIl be pIeased to hear the brand new 5.1 Surround Sound mix, which l am extremeIy pIeased with incidentaIIy, and also a Hi Def stereo version taken from the original analog stereo master tape which was recorded simultaneousIy aIongside the digital mix". EcIectic and visionary, Eye in the Sky covers a variety of musicaI and thematic bases, and is one of The Alan Parson's Project platinum-seIIing aIbums. Now it can be heard in a new, fulIy immersive way.
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