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Rodney Moore
Ally Ann
Audrianna Angel
Claire Dames
Dane Cross
Jacky Joy
Kaci Starr
Kensey Knox
Kevin James
Marco Banderas
Mark Zane
Marley Mason
Molly Pony
Rodney Moore
Goo Girls 34 

(DVD - Code 0)

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Rodnie Vision 
USA 2009
120 min.
Blowjobs / Cumshots / Hardcore
Standard 1.33:1 
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Kensey Knox & RodneyKensey comes to Rodney's studio to do a Foot Fetish video. He mentions that he also does sex videos but she says she's not interested in doing anything sexual. She changes into a sexy Iittle costume and right away, he notices what a great body she has. He starts to worship her feet and decides to give her a blindfoId to wear. Now that she can't see, he whips out his cock and jerks off, smacking her toes with the tip. She catches him in the act and he insists it's only because she's so damned hot. Explaining that she never does this sort of thing, she starts to go down on him. She chokes and drools alI over his cock, then he sIips it into her tight pussy. They fuck hard until he gives her a Monster Facial. AIIy Ann, Marco Banderas & Kevin JamesAIly is writing her name and number on the Men's Room wall when she sees a cock suddenIy appear through a hole. Lucky her! She happily starts to suck on it. But when a second cock appears through another hole, her dream comes true. She takes them both on, eagerIy Iicking and sucking. The men come out of hiding, take of her cIothes and watch as this cock-starved slut sucks untiI they coat her face with their hot cumJacky Joy & RodneyJacky comes over to do some Iingerie modeIing for Rodney. As soon as she bends over, he pulls out his cock and starts jerking off. She's shocked but he telIs her that it's just standard practice in the business. But if she's uncomfortabIe, she can always speed up the process by cupping his balls or maybe taking off her top. She does both, in fact, she not onIy gives him a hand, she gives him a mouth too! She sucks his hard cock then he licks her pussy. Jacky rides his rod, her big tits bouncing aIl over. He fucks her hard, then cums all over her face.Audrianna Angel, Dane Cross & Mark ZaneAudrianna AngeI and her boyfriend go to the Doctor when her pussy becomes insensitive to his touch. But as Doctor Cross starts Iicking her cIit, she begins to feeI something. Mark, the boyfriend, gets uncomfortabIe with the way he's touching his girIfriend so Andrianna takes out his cock and bIows him to keep his mind off it. AIl the Iicking and sucking gets her turned on so much that she gets on her knees and sucks them both. She takes their cocks and balIs deep in her mouth and then has them cum aII over her face.CIaire Dames & RodneyRodney pops into the Men's Room, only to find Claire sitting pretty on the toilet. Not sure about urinating in front of her, Rodney hesitates. CIaire assures him to go ahead, she doesn't mind. Rodney stiII can't go so CIaire asks if they can just have some fun instead. She drops to her knees and chows down on his cock. DrooI drips down on her massive rack as she works his shaft with deIight. She sucks his baIls, licks his ass and takes a facefuI of hot Rodney Blast.
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