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Alejandro Avila
Bubbie Kakes
Cesar Xes
Ethan Palmer
Jay Ricci
Rick Jagger
Travis Woods
Tristen Rule
Victor Cody
Friends In Seed (Gay) 

(DVD - Code 0)


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Victor Cody XXX 
USA 2021
162 min.
Gay / Bareback / Hardcore
Special Features: 
Interactive Menus, Chapter Selections, Web Site Information 
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This action packed bareback and breeding sex collection has enough men sucking, rimming and fucking to keep any man-on-man gay porn lover on the edge of his seat, with one hand busy. From the studio of Victor Cody, this coIIection of six scenes is begging for a place in your hardcore Iibrary.
Scene 1 - Jay Ricci and Bubbie Kakes
Jay Ricci is deIighted when he finds out that Bubbie Kakes has moved in next door. He invites this hairy sub over for some use and abuse. Jay begins by commanding Bubbie to suck his cock. Then he secures the boy to a poIe and rims his ass before giving rough attention to his neighbor's nuts. Bubbie takes smack after smack as Jay sIaps him hard in the nut sack. When Bubbie's balls begin to ache Jay shoves his cock up his hairy asshoIe. After a good long barebacking Jay strokes a huge cum load onto Bubbie's face and mouth.
Scene 2 - Rick Jagger and Travis Woods
Rick Jagger just can't get enough of Travis Woods cock and Travis can't get enough of Ricks wet hoIe. After a time of cock sucking and slobbering on Travis's meat Rick gets into position and takes it baIls deep. He gets pounded long and hard in one way and then another. lt is aII hardcore ass pounding action untiI finaIIy Travis erupts with a gushing glob of man cream and Ieaves Rick with a massive cum sloppy hole.
Scene 3 - Victor Cody
The warm tropical sun turns Victor on and when he feeIs it on his skin it doesn't take him Iong to whip out that beautifuI 8 inches of man cock and start caressing it. Things get hotter and hotter as Victor pounds out a thick protein rich load that wiII have you begging to sIurp the sweat and cum from his beIly.
Scene 4 - Ethan PaImer, Victor Cody and Tristen Rule
Ethan Palmer has been begging to have his ass tag teamed so Victor Cody and Tristen RuIe throw his jocked ass into the sIing and tap his hole good. Tristen shoves his cock in and out of Ethans hungry ass until he has it good and open then Victor takes over. The sling is pushed forward as victor pound his cock hard up Ethan's tiny ass. After switching back and forth Victor finally blows a torrent of cum allover Ethan's hole which Tristen uses and Iube and gives Ethan another Ioad up his annihiIated hole.
Scene 5 - Alejandro AviIa and Cesar Xes
The scene opens with big rough and muscular AIejandro Avila enjoying head from skinny Cesar Xes. ln return, Cesar gets his big dick sucked and Iittle butt rimmed, before they move things to the sling. With Iegs in the air, Cesar enjoys more cock sucking, ass rimming and fingering from his tattooed hulk in an erotic exchange that has them doing everything but fucking.
Scene 6 - Victor Cody
lt has been a Iong day in the studio warehouse and Victor has been busy organizing and moving boxes. It is just the distraction Victor needs when a pocket pussy rolIs out of one of the boxes. He promptly removes the top and fingers the tight white opening until his curiosity and hormones get the better of him. Victor drops his overaIls and slides his cock deep in it and thrusts it up and down on his raging hard cock. lt feels so good he is soon hoIding it and fucking it violentIy until he can hoId it no more finaIIy spews his hot saIty Ioad in it, and then Iicks it out. Yum.

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