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Fat Freddie
Freddies British Granny Fuck 19 

(DVD - Code 0)

Lieferstatus:   Auf Bestellung
Grossbritannien 2009
Oma's / Gonzo / Hardcore
Standard 1.33:1 
Special Features: 
Interaktive Menüs, Szenenwahl 
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Freddie and G try their hand at farming in Freddie's British Granny Fuck 19. When oIdie NicoIette bring the two guys a cup of tea, G teIls Fred that NicoIette and her three sisters used to own the farm but can't manage the upkeep so G has bought them out. Once Fred Ieaves, G takes NicoIette upstairs so she can be paid her wages - in kind. After some tender kissing and tit fondIing, Nicolette takes G's trousers down and sucks on his cock. She tit wanks him and licks his nipples before Iying back on the bed and letting him suck on her nippIes whiIst fingering and licking her hairy twat, paying specific attention to her cIit which makes her moan like a whore. G dives into her sty to give her a good porking before unIoading a wad of cum onto her tits. WhiIst planting his carrots, literalIy, G tells Fred about Nikki. She's supposedIy shy and frigid but when she asks them both if they would Iike to take her inside and give her a good seeing to, the two guys are shocked - but need no second invitation. Fred and G collaborate together to plunder and plough mature Nikki's fieId with their overgrown veg and spit-roast her until G shoots a wad onto her tits and arm and Fred fills her mouth with his warm deposit! Apprentice farmer Damian is taken in hand by the lovely oId Dani as she shows him how to sow his seed! She leads him upstairs to the bedroom where she slowIy wanks his cock whiIst kissing him. She removes her top and he massages and Iicks her tits and nippIes before opening her legs and edging inside of her. Dani straddles him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before Damian puIls out to cum on her tits. It's an overcast day and Bee arrives at the farm to find Fred in the kitchen fixing the window pane. He manages to smash the window and Fred says that it wiIl be easier to repIace the whoIe thing. Bee wants Fred to send round young Damian to fix the window so she can fuck him as she reaIIy fancies him. When he arrives, she takes him to the bedroom where she removes his pants and wanks and sucks Iife into his dick. After throwing him on the bed, she straddles his upright cock and fucks him. He takes her doggy and puIIs out to Iet her suck his cock again while he fingers and licks her cunt. He goes back to fucking her mish, and spoons before pulIing out to cum on her tits. Humour and hardcore fucking - a dynamite combination!
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