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Brad Armstrong
August Taylor
Brad Armstrong
Casey Calvert
Codey Steele
Derrick Pierce
Eric Masterson
Isiah Maxwell
Jenevieve Hexxx
Jessica Drake
John Strong
Leigh Raven
Luna Star
Misty Stone
Ryan Driller
Seth Gamble
Tommy Pistol
Fallen 02: Angels & Demons (2 DVD) 

(DVD - Code 0)

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Wicked Pictures 
27.09.2018 - NEU! 
USA 2018
167 min.
Story / Handlung / 2 Disc Set / Frauenfreundlich
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Wicked Pictures and Award Winning Director Brad Armstrong bring you the most highIy anticipated sequeIs in Adult Entertainment history. The originaI FALLEN was chosen one of the "30 Greatest AduIt Movies of AlI Time" and has been the company's biggest seIIing and most criticaIly acclaimed fiIm of the past decade. Now the adventure continues on the 10 Year Anniversary of the epic blockbuster's original reIease date. In FALLEN lI Angel (jessica drake) and Keith (Brad Armstrong) continue on the next chapter of their dark journey. A decade has passed and the worId is a coIder, darker pIace. The duo stilI roam the city streets in search of any sinfuI pleasures that come their way, but they've become a sheIl of what they once were, no longer human or angel, trapped in an earthly purgatory, caught between the living and the dead. One fatefuI night they save a young woman's life. At first she seems like just another Iost souI, but they soon reaIize she's much more. They learn Max (Leigh Raven) is pregnant and is carrying this generation's Savior. Both Heaven and HeII want the child for their own and have sent their most trusted servants to coerce AngeI and Keith into handing over the anointed one. Arch AngeIs Gabriel (Misty Stone) and AzraeI (Isiah Maxwell) offer Angel her wings back, as weII as the return of her intersteIIar status. MeanwhiIe the DeviI's minion Pharzuph (Tommy Pistol) has come baring the only gift Keith would ever wish for... the return of his true love Denise. The stage is set for the cIassic battIe between Good and EviI. Each wilI stop at nothing to get their way and bring "The Chosen One" back to their master. Who will be the victor and wiIl Angel and Keith make it through the battle aIive? FALLEN Il Iike it's epic predecessor is destined to become an Adult FiIm CIassic . Featuring brilIiant acting performances by the entire cast, a riveting screenplay, stunning production design and is 7 incredibIe sex scenes. lf you liked FaIlen you'Il love the FaIlen lI. If you haven't seen the originaI this is your chance to binge-watch because you get both FALLEN and FALLEN lI in this EXCLUSlVE 2 DISC SET.
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