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  • Vanessa Loder
  • The Soul Solution: A Guide for Brilliant, Overwhelmed Women to Quiet the Noise, Find Their Superpower, and (Finally) Feel Satisfied 

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    Veröffentlichung:  November 2022  
    Genre:  Ratgeber 
    ISBN:  9781683649298 
    Verlag:  Sounds True Inc 
    Einband:  Gebunden  
    Sprache:  English  
    Dimensionen:  H 159 mm / B 236 mm / D 24 mm 
    Gewicht:  434 gr 
    Seiten:  240 
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    "Vanessa is to women and power what Brené Brown is to vulnerability."
    -Andy Dunn, author of Burn Rate, cofounder of Bonobos

    Are you so busy fulfilling everyone else's expectations that you've lost touch with yourself? Do you find yourself filling up your "free" hours with mundane tasks, soaking up podcasts to improve yourself, and rushing around, never getting it all done? For many women, it's the same kind of story-we hustle to overachieve at work and at home, all in the hopes that we can "crush it" until we finally feel fulfilled.

    Vanessa Loder invites you to consider this question: "What if the point isn't to crush it in life, but to savor it?"

    With The Soul Solution, this sought-after women's leadership expert shares a powerful and practical guide to help women who feel overwhelmed and exhausted to recover our true selves-and our joy in living. Here she presents a road map for coming home to yourself, including:

    . The Whispers of Your Soul-the three key steps for tuning out the noise and accessing authenticity
    . Your Energetic Bread Crumbs-how the universe signals to you when you're on the right path
    . Discover Your Superpower-why you've been ignoring your most valuable gifts, and how to reclaim them
    . From Tunnel Vision to Visionary-ways to break out of the "shame cycle" of patriarchal culture and own your destiny
    . Quieting the Inner Critic-how to retrain your inner voices to encourage and support you
    . The Upward Spiral-using the SAT method (Surrender, Allow, Trust) to get more of what you want with ease

    Filled with practical guidance and inspiring personal stories, The Soul Solution is a nonstrategic, nonlinear-but entirely effective-guide to help you reclaim your feminine, intuitive soul power to fulfill your most meaningful and satisfying desires.

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