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  • Susan D Goudy
  • The Journey from Fear to Love Is Shorter Than YOU Think 

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    Genre:  Psychologie / Pädagogik 
    ISBN:  9780985333904 
    Verlag:  Pathway to Freedom Publishing 
    Einband:  Kartoniert  
    Sprache:  English  
    Dimensionen:  H 229 mm / B 152 mm / D 8 mm 
    Gewicht:  226 gr 
    Seiten:  148 
    Zus. Info:  Paperback 
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    The Journey From Fear to Love is Shorter than You Think is a memoir intended to describe the awakening into life which occurred for Susan after her horrific childhood experience. Born in Chicago in 1964, the author lived on the northwest side and attended local schools. She was sexually abused just two months shy of her third birthday by a 16 year old neighbor. She was just a skinny little girl, with short blonde hair, wearing a yellow dress, not even three. She was also oblivious to any kind of danger, because she was playing three houses down with her friends in the front yard as she always did. The predator chose a concrete hall way entrance to his basement to abuse her. She was so small, so helpless. The concrete walls towered over her, without possibility of escape-much like the maze on the cover of her book! Susan unknowingly buried this event within herself. She grew up and even went on to receive a Bachelor and Master of Social Work from Arizona State University. Susan shares how she overcame the mental, physical and spiritual effects that had rooted themselves deep into her being without her conscious awareness. She goes on to explain the steps she took, and that everyone can take to get "present and focused "and live in Love more often then not. The Journey From Fear to Love is Shorter than You Think is for anyone who wants to become awake/aware, clear and empowered. Susan wrote her book for anyone who is ready to be completely accountable for their life, stop being a victim, use no more excuses and remember their power to take charge of their life. Susan's book is for the reader who wants to know they hold the power to improve their life. The Journey from Fear to Love is shorter than YOU think is several conversations over lunch with a friend. It is easy to read and relate to. The author and reader are equals and as the reader delves further they realize for themselves they too hold the same power as the author (and everyone else) to change their life as the author did. The reader is uplifted and inspired as the author becomes their personal cheerleader and shares personal "happy endings" with the reader. Humor is used throughout to ease the reader into an honest look at what they are doing or not doing to create the life they currently have. One of Susan's main goals is to help the universe be a better place. Her belief is the more individuals feel love for themselves; the universe naturally becomes a better place. We are all connected. Susan's book simplifies what so many others have made very complicated. There is never a reason for the reader to doubt their ability to have a wonderful and "fantabulous" life. There are no tricks or difficult feats to perform. Tickets to faraway places are unnecessary. You don't even have to leave your home or family or friends. Even with all the people who are "the problem" right in front of your face-the inspiration from Susan's book shows how your life can be magnificent. Everything the reader needs they already have. No new ingredients are necessary, just a breathing human being will suffice. No need to have a crisis before reading Susan's book. Even if life is really good there is much to be gained from reading this little gem of a book. It is a wonderful reminder to all of just how powerful and wonderful we are, have always been and will always be.


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