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  • James Clerk Maxwell
  • J. Clerk Maxwell
  • The Electrical Researches 

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    Lieferstatus:   i.d.R. innert 5-10 Tagen versandfertig
    Veröffentlichung:  2007  
    Genre:  Naturwissensch., Medizin, Technik 
    ISBN:  9781406765366 
    Verlag:  Maxwell Press 
    Einband:  Kartoniert  
    Sprache:  English  
    Dimensionen:  H 216 mm / B 140 mm / D 31 mm 
    Gewicht:  670 gr 
    Seiten:  532 
    Zus. Info:  Paperback 
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    Text extracted from opening pages of book: THE ELECTRICAL RESEAKCHES 01? THE HONOUBABLK HENRY CAVENDISH, F. R. S. tfamtrrtrge: PRINTED BY C, J, CLAY, M. A. AT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS. THE ELECTKICAL KESEAECHES OF THE HONOUBABLE HENKY CAVENDISH, f. E. S. WRITTEN BETWEEN 1771 AND 1781, EDITED FROM THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS IX THK POSSESSION Ob' THE DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE, K. G., BY J. CLERK MAXWELL, F. KS. EDITED FOB TUE SYNDICS OF THE UNIVERSITY 1> RE8S. OTambrtoge: AT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS. LONDON: CAMBRIDGE WAREHOUSE, 17, PATERNOSTER ROW. CAMBRIDGE: DEIGHTON, BELL, AND CO. LEIPZIG: F. A. BROCKHAUS. 1879 CONTENTS. INTBODUCTION BY THE EDITOK. * PAGES Biographical data Lord Charles Cavendish's experiments Henry Cavendish lived with his father during his electrical researches His laboratory in Great Marlborough Street His Apparatus His attendant Committee of the Royal Society on lightning con ductorsCavendish's researches on the electric current Papers on the Torpedo by Walsh, Hunter, & c. Experiment on the formation of nitric acid before the Boyal Society Cavendish's artificial Torpedo ...... xxvii to xxxviii Account of Cavendish's Writings on Electricity. The two papers in the Philosophical Transactions .... xxxix The manuscriptsSir W. Snow Harris 1 account of them, xl List of the manuscripts ....... xli Order of the manuscripts determined ..... xliii Why Cavendish did not publish them ..... xlv State of electrical science Lord Mahon's experiments Estimate of Cavendish by Dr Thomas Young . xlvi Coulomb's researches ....... xlix Cavendish's method ....... xlix Comparison of charges ... .... 1 Proof of the law of force ....... li Experiments on coated plates spreading of electricity ... HiSpecific inductive capacity ....... liii Plates of air, . . . . . . Hv Whether the charge of a coated plate bears the same proportion to that of a simple conductor whether the electrification is strong or weak ........ liv Effect of temperature ....... Iv Effect of floor, walls, and ceiling of room ..... Ivi Experiments on resistance ....... Ivi Beference to these experiments in the paper on the Torpedo . . Ivi Method of the experiments ...... Ivii Determination of the power of the velocity to which the resistance is proportional .... t ... lix vf CONTENTS. Besistance of salt solution at different temperatures Resistance of pure water ...... Besistance of solutions of different salts .... Chemical equivalents of different substances as given by Cavendish PAGES Ix Ix Ixii Ixii FIBST PUBLISHED PAPEB ON ELECTBICITY. AN ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN SOME OF THE PRINCIPAL PHENOMENA OP ELECTRICITY, BY MEANS OF AN ELASTIC FLUID. From the Philosophical Transactions for 1771 ( p. 1-50). PART I. ARTICLES Hypothesis . 1 6 Bepulsion of a cone on a particle at the vertex . 7 11 Force between two bodies over or under charged . 13 15 Equilibrium of the electric fluid . . . . . 16, 17 Bepulsion of a spherical shell . . . . . . 18, 19 Equilibrium of electricity in a globe ..... 20 27 Two plane parallel plates . * .. . . . 2838 Canals of incompressible fluid ....... 39 53 Pressure of electric fluid against a surface . 54 Circular disk . . . . . . . 55 G6 Charges of similar bodies as the n 1 power of their corresponding diame ters, and independent of the material of which they are made . 67 72 Charge of a thin flat plate independent of its thickness ... 73 Two parallel circular plates ...... 74 83 Equilibrium ofelectricity in bodies communicating by a canal is in dependent of the form of the canal ..... 84 93 Whether the conditions of equilibrium are the same for two bodies com municating by a conducting wire as if they communicated t> y a canal of incompressible fluid ....... 94 96 Molecular constitution of air . . . . . . 97 PART II. Containing a comparison of the foregoing theory with Experiment. 1. Conductors and non-conductors ..... 98 Electric properties of air and vacuum . .. . .99, 100 Positive and negative electrification ..... 101 105 2. Attraction and repulsion ...
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