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  • Roger Helland
  • Magnificent Surrender 

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    Genre:  Religion 
    ISBN:  9781610977333 
    Verlag:  Wipf and Stock 
    Einband:  Kartoniert  
    Sprache:  English  
    Dimensionen:  H 229 mm / B 152 mm / D 7 mm 
    Gewicht:  209 gr 
    Seiten:  136 
    Zus. Info:  Paperback 
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    Description: ""God's kingdom is our true home, but we've picked up a habit of resisting it. And when, finally, we do fall in, most of us find we've survived so long outside his kingdom that we've lost all instinct for thriving in it. That's where Roger Helland meets us. Roger has thought long and studied hard on these matters. He has pondered deeply what it means to be fully alive in Christ and for Christ, and he's tested his insights in classrooms, in churches, with denominations, but mostly in his own life. In Magnificent Surrender, he's distilled what he's learned into a field guide for kingdom living. But Roger draws from an even deeper source. His book derives its force and depth from Paul's letter to the Colossians. Indeed, Magnificent Surrender is an extended pastoral reflection on and application of that letter. Colossians, in four brief chapters, presents the glory of Jesus Christ and the glory of a life wholly submitted to him. It is a manifesto of the rich life. Magnificent Surrender heralds that brilliantly. It's a wise, loving, and sometimes stern invitation to read Colossians again, with fresh eyes and fierce resolve. It's also a challenge to take to heart its promise and its exhortation--that we can and must live in, through, with, and for Christ, who is all and in all, supreme and sufficient."" -Mark Buchanan, from the Foreword Endorsements: ""Existentially, the words 'magnificent' and 'surrender' don't fit together. Roger Helland writes a compelling book luring us to embrace the fullness of both words. Biblically based, as a reflection of Colossians, and thoughtfully expressed by an experienced pastor and leader, Magnificent Surrender invites us into a deeper embrace of Christ's reign in our everyday lives."" -MaryKate Morse Professor of Leadership and Spiritual Formation George Fox Evangelical Seminary ""Roger calls the Church back to first purposes in this work. Structural and methodological strategies will not make revitalized churches. He writes, 'Revitalized Christian people are what make revitalized churches.' Magnificent Surrender begins with the most important question that each of us must answer: 'What does it mean that Jesus is Lord?' Read this book to find out."" -Mike Slaughter Lead Pastor Ginghamsburg Church ""Roger Helland brings the ancient letter to the Colossians alive for the twenty-first-century church. By inviting us to a renewed devotion to Christ, he exposes many of the ways in which we have become distracted from our mission as the church in the world. With compelling stories and soul-stretching reflections from classic devotional literature, Roger inspires a fresh and liberating spiritual life. I highly recommend this book."" -Phil C. Zylla Academic Dean McMaster Divinity College About the Contributor(s): Roger B. Helland is district executive coach of the Baptist General Conference in Alberta, Canada. He is the author of Missional Spirituality, The Journey, The Revived Church, and Let the River Flow.

     Magnificent Surrender - (Buch)
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