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  • Neal Graham
  • Dr. Sebi Cure for Diabetes: Tasty and Easy Recipes for Detox, Cleanse, and Revitalizing Your Body and Soul Using the Dr. Sebi Food List and Produc 

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    Genre:  Ratgeber 
    ISBN:  9781914167942 
    Verlag:  Lightning Source Inc 
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    Sprache:  English  
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    Do you want to know how to get started with the Dr. Sebi diet?

    Your Customers Will Love This Step-by-Step Illustrated Guide!

    Dr. Sebi diet is made up of lists of different vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, nuts, and oils, with no addition of animal-sourced food. That is why the diet can also be considered a vegan diet. However, it is even more restrictive than that as some vegetables, grains, and fruits are banned from being consumed. For example, you are not permitted to eat seedless fruits in this diet. Also, to get the maximum and continuous benefit, Dr. Sebi says to follow this diet for the entirety of your life, which makes the diet even more strict and restrictive.
    As it is a popular diet, many people on social media have claimed this diet has helped them in healing, but there are no scientific studies present that can vouch for those claims.
    The key to proper weight loss is not just an alkaline diet but taking the right combination of alkaline food. Olive oil, grape seed oil, and avocado oil all have a green light on this diet, but each one of them contains 2000 calories per cup. Women are advised to keep their calorie intake to a maximum of 1500 while men should keep theirs between 2000 to 2200. You can go above these figures only if you exercise a lot.
    A lot of weight-loss experts today will advise you to do away with oily fats and embrace a diet entirely rooted in fruits and vegetables. Dr. Sebi recommends exactly the same precaution. Consuming more than 1000 calories in oil will make it impossible to shed excess fat.
    Dr. Sebi's diet revolves around natural alkali vegetables, fruits, salt nuts, and nuts. This diet has been known to cleanse the body cells and intracellular to keep you robust and healthy. This alkaline diet is efficient in fighting against diseases that thrive in an acidic environment. At the balance spot of homeostasis, this diet makes you require primary mineral supply to make PH stable.
    For everyone looking to lose weight, this diet program is the best one to adopt. However, the real principles of this diet program should be strictly followed.
    In achieving a proper weight loss, you must live on raw food which is otherwise known as electric foods. These foods are renowned for restoring dead cells and aiding gradual weight loss. Only fresh fruits should be on your diet, no inclusion of nut jam, starchy vegetables, grain, nuts, and leafy vegetables.
    This book covers:What is Dr. Sebi's diet?
    How to follow the diet:
    Dr. Sebi's approved list of foods
    Purpose of the dr. Sebi diet
    Dr. Sebi's organic natural alkaline fruits for clean eating
    Choosing a proper alkaline diet menu
    Alkaline foods you should include in your daily diet
    Dr. Sebi alkaline diet recipes

    And much more!!!
    Dr. Sebi assumed that illness was induced by mucus and acidity. He held that eating certain foods and avoiding others could detoxify the body, thereby reducing the risk and effects of disease in an alkaline state.
    Dr. Sebi's diet is not approved by official sources and no scientific evidence shows that medical conditions can be prevented or treated using this method.

    Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book!

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     Dr. Sebi Cure for Diabetes: Tasty and Easy Recipes - (Buch)
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     Dr Sebi Cure for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Metho - (Buch)
     Dr Sebi Cure for Diabetes: The Revolutionary Metho - (Buch)
     Dr. Sebi Cure for Diabetes: Tasty and Easy Recipes - (Buch)
     Dr Sebi Cure for Diabetes: Proven and Simple Recip - (Buch)
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