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  • Paul Heitjans
  • Jorg Karger
  • Diffusion in Condensed Matter: Methods, Materials, Models 

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    Lieferstatus:   Vorankündigung
    Veröffentlichung:  ANGEKÜNDIGT (Oktober 2018)  
    Genre:  Naturwissensch., Medizin, Technik 
    ISBN:  9783540720812 
    Verlag:  Springer-Verlag GmbH 
    Einband:  Gebunden  
    Sprache:  English  
    Dimensionen:  H 235 mm / B 193 mm / D  
    Seiten:  970 
    Illustration:  430 schwarz-weisse Abbildungen 
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    This comprehensive, handbook style survey of diffusion in condensed matter gives detailed insight in diffusion as the process of particle transport due to stochastic movement which is understood and presented as a phenomenon of crucial relevance for a large variety of processes and materials. In this book all aspects of theoretical fundamentals, experimental techniques, highlights of current developments and results for solids, liquids and interfaces are presented. Students and scientists in physics, chemistry, materials science and biology will benefit from this detailed compilation, unique for it's complete approach to diffusion, covering all topics, including cross-discipline approaches. New material in this edition includes: case studies in metals and binary alloys, studies interface-dominated and disordered solids, ionic transport mismatch and relaxation for self-diffusion and conduction. TOC:Solids: Diffusion: Introduction and Case Studies in Metals and Binary Alloys (H. Mehrer).- The Elementary Diffusion Step in Metals Studied by the Interference of Gamma-rays, X-rays and Neutrons (G. Vogl, B. Sepiol).- Diffusion Studies of Solids by Quasielastic Neutron Scattering (T. Springer, R. E. Lechner).- Diffusion in Semiconductors (T.Y. Tan, U. Gösele).- Diffusion in Oxides (M. Martin).- Diffusion in Metallic Glasses and Supercooled Melts (F. Faupel, K. Rätzke).- Interfaces: Fluctuations and Growth Phenomena in Surface Diffusion Surface Diffusion (M. C. Tringides, M. Hupalo).- Grain Boundary Diffusion in Metals (Ch. Herzig, Y. Mishin).- NMR and Beta-NMR Studies of Diffusion in Interface-Dominated and Disordered Solids (P. Heitjans, A. Schirmer, S. Indris).- PFG NMR Studies of Anomalous Diffusion (J. Kärger, F. Stallmach).- Diffusion Measurements by Ultrasonics (R. Biel, M. Schubert, K.U. Würz, W. Grill).- Diffusion in Membranes (I. Vattulainen, O.G. Mouritsen).- Liquids: Viscoelasticity and Microscopic Motion in Dense Polymer Systems (D. Richter).- The Molecular Description of Mutual Diffusion Processes in Liquid Mixtures (H. Weingärtner).- Diffusion Measurements in Fluids by Dynamic Light Scattering (A. Leipertz, A.P. Fröba).- Diffusion in Colloidal and Polymeric Systems (G. Nägele, J.K.G. Dhont, G. Meier).- Field-Assisted Diffusion Studied by Electrophoretic NMR (M. Holz).- Theoretical Concepts and Models: Diffusion of Particles on Lattices (K.W. Kehr, K. Mussawisade, G.M. Schütz, Th. Wichmann).- Diffusion on Fractals (U. Renner, G.M. Schütz, G. Vojta).- Ionic Transport in Disordered Materials (A. Bunde, W. Dieterich, P. Maass, M. Meyer).- Concept of Mismatch and Relaxation for Self-Diffusion and Conductivity in Ionic Materials with Disordered Structures (K. Funke, C. Cramer, D. Wilmer).- Diffusion and Conduction in Percolation Systems (A. Bunde, J. W. Kantelhardt).- Statistical Theory and Molecular Dynamics - Diffusion in Zeolites (R.Haberlandt).


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