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  • MD JD Levy
  • Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins 

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    Genre:  Ratgeber 
    ISBN:  9780977952021 
    Verlag:  Medfox Publishing 
    Einband:  Kartoniert  
    Sprache:  English  
    Dimensionen:  H 216 mm / B 136 mm / D 27 mm 
    Gewicht:  562 gr 
    Seiten:  464 
    Zus. Info:  22:B&W 5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm (Demy 8vo) Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam 
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    Several years ago the author, cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD was asked to assist Hal Huggins, DDS, with a number of Dr.¿ Huggins' dental patients. Each of the patients was quite ill and obviously suffering with one or more very serious medical conditions. Prior to sedating each patient Dr. Huggins asked Dr. Levy to administer a specific protocol of vitamin C.

    Dr. Levy had never performed or even heard of such a practice, but was greatly impressed as each patient left the dental office markedly improved¿- many were asymptomatic. As a result, his interest in vitamin¿ C was greatly aroused and he began a search through all the medical literature for any studies concerning this vitamin therapy and the miraculous results he had witnessed time and time again.

    He quickly found the medical journals were filled with thousands of studies and articles about vitamin¿ C. Many of them reported similarly dramatic results with a myriad of diseases and other difficult medical conditions. Dr. Levy knew that this was information that all his colleagues needed. Consequently, he was compelled to spend the next four years researching and writing Curing the Incurable. Because this book was written especially for his medical colleagues, Dr.¿ Levy has taken great care to research, document, and report the vital truths about vitamin C - he cites over 1,200 scientific references.

    Curing the Incurable provides the information you need to most effectively use vitamin C to:

    • Prevent, cure, reverse and/or greatly improve a massive list of health conditions.
    • Cut your mortality risk (from all causes) by as much as 50%.
    • Boost your immune system and energy levels to optimum levels.
    • Optimize blood and intracellular levels of vitamin C.
    • Dramatically increase bio-availability (up to 800% or more) without increasing your dose size.
    • Avoid gastric discomfort, the diarrhea, and increased urination that prove most of your large doses of vitamin C are headed for the sewer.
    • And much, much more.


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