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The Carpenters
The Carpenters: Carpenters (12lp Box) (12 Disc) 

(Musik LP)
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1. Invocation01:00
2. Your Wonderful Parade02:57
3. Someday05:12
4. Get Together02:32
5. AIl Of My Life03:06
6. Turn Away03:12
7. Ticket To Ride04:10
8. Don't Be Afraid02:05
9. What's The Use02:42
10. All I Can Do01:42
11. Eve02:53
12. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing04:15
13. Benediction00:40
1. We've Only Just Begun03:05
2. Love Is Surrender01:59
3. Maybe lt's You03:09
4. Reason To BeIieve03:06
5. Help03:05
6. (They Long To Be) Close To You04:36
7. Baby lt's You02:54
8. l'lI Never FaII In Love Again03:01
9. Crescent Noon04:13
10. Mr. Guder03:17
11. l Kept On Loving You02:18
12. Another Song04:24
1. Rainy Days And Mondays03:39
2. Saturday01:20
3. Let Me Be The One02:26
4. (A PIace To) Hide Away03:41
5. For AIl We Know (From "Lovers And Other Strangers" Soundtrack)02:38
6. Superstar03:52
7. Druscilla Penny02:18
8. One Love03:25
9. Bacharach/David MedIey: Knowing When To Leave/Make It Easy On YourseIf/There's AIways Something There To Remind Me/I'll05:28
10. Sometimes02:54
1. A Song For You04:42
2. Top Of The WorId03:01
3. Hurting Each Other02:48
4. lt's Going To Take Some Time02:59
5. Goodbye To Love03:58
6. Intermission (Carpenters/A Song For You)00:27
7. Bless The Beasts And Children03:13
8. FIat Baroque01:48
9. Piano Picker02:02
10. l Won't Last A Day Without You04:29
11. Crystal LuIlaby03:56
12. Road Ode03:45
13. A Song For You (Reprise)00:56
1. Sing03:20
2. This Masquerade04:51
3. Heather02:51
4. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)03:43
5. I Can't Make Music03:19
6. Yesterday Once More03:59
7. MedIey: Fun Fun Fun12:32
8. Yesterday Once More (Reprise)03:58
1. We've Only Just Begun04:09
2. Top Of The World (Single Mix)03:03
3. Ticket To Ride04:10
4. Superstar03:52
5. Rainy Days And Mondays (Single Version)03:20
6. Goodbye To Love03:58
7. Yesterday Once More03:59
8. lt's Going To Take Some Time02:59
9. Sing03:20
10. For AII We Know (From "Lovers And Other Strangers" Soundtrack)02:38
11. Hurting Each Other02:48
12. (They Long To Be) CIose To You (Single Version)03:40
1. Aurora01:32
2. Only Yesterday04:11
3. Desperado03:38
4. Please Mr. Postman02:52
5. l Can Dream, Can't l?05:00
6. Solitaire04:42
7. Happy03:51
8. (l'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You04:06
9. Love Me For What I Am03:30
10. Eventide01:33
1. There's A Kind Of Hush03:03
2. You03:45
3. Sandy03:42
4. Goofus03:09
5. Can't SmiIe Without You03:26
6. I Need To Be In Love03:50
7. One More Time03:31
8. Boat To SaiI03:29
9. I Have You03:26
10. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do02:34
1. B'wana She No Home05:35
2. AlI You Get From Love Is A Love Song03:48
3. I Just FalI In Love Again04:05
4. On The BaIcony Of The Casa Rosada/Don't Cry For Me Argentina08:13
5. Sweet, Sweet SmiIe03:02
6. Two Sides03:28
7. Man Smart Woman Smarter04:21
8. CalIing Occupants Of InterpIanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day)07:10
1. Those Good OId Dreams04:13
2. Strength Of A Woman03:58
3. (Want You) Back ln My Life Again03:39
4. When You've Got What lt Takes03:41
5. Somebody's Been Lyin'04:25
6. l BeIieve You03:56
7. Touch Me When We're Dancing03:21
8. When lt's Gone (It's Just Gone)05:01
9. Beechwood 4-578903:06
10. Because We Are ln Love (The Wedding Song)05:03
1. Now03:52
2. Sailing On The Tide04:23
3. You're Enough03:48
4. Make Believe It's Your First Time04:10
5. Two Lives04:35
6. At The End Of A Song03:40
7. Ordinary FooI03:43
8. Prime Time Love03:11
9. Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore03:51
10. Look To Your Dreams05:15
1. Lovelines04:28
2. Where Do I Go From Here04:26
3. The Uninvited Guest04:24
4. lf We Try03:42
5. When I FaIl In Love03:11
6. Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night04:03
7. Remember When Lovin' Took AII Night03:47
8. You're The One04:16
9. HonoluIu City Lights03:19
10. SIow Dance03:35
11. lf l Had You03:57
12. Little Girl BIue03:25
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