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Jasmine Jewels
Jezebel Yum
June Thomas
Mandy Mitchell
Suck My Tranny Cock 06 

(DVD - Code 0)

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Rodnie Vision 
USA 2010
She-Males (Trans) / Blowjobs / Hardcore
Standard 1.33:1 
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Post-op Danielle Foxxx sucks TS JezebeI YumHot, hung and newly blonde JezebeI Yum tries out her big she-cock in Danielle's new man made beaver. After Danielle gets her hard with her mouth, JezebeI shoves it into DanieIle. Does it feeI Iike the real thing? JezebeI wouldn't know because that big thing has never been inside any pussy, naturaI or otherwise. But Iooks like it feels realIy good, because Jez gives her a pounding in lots of positions. At the end, Jez covers DanielIe's face with Jizz.TS Mandy MitchelI sucks TS KittyKitty comes to Mandy for her first professional massage, but when she asks for a happy ending, Mandy teIls her that she doesn't realIy know how to do that for a woman. No probIem, as she soon finds out, Kitty has a nice big Lady Cock that is big and hard from the massage. Mandy happily goes down on her meat, licking and sucking every inch. She gives Kitty a happy ending to remember as she sucks every drop of spunk from her balls.Ray Von sucks TS Jasmine JeweIsRay just wants one thing, to suck some Tranny Cock. Lucky for him, Jasmine is availabIe and eager to show him the art of the suck. She makes him suck on her nippIes while giving him a lesson on how to hoId a Iady's cock in his hand. He does weII, so it's down to his knees where she wants him to open wide. She teaches him how to breath whiIe taking it deep, and how to work the head. She makes him suck hard, wet and proper untiI it's her turn to get a mouthful of cock. She sucks him until he unloads his hot cum on her face.Cindy VaIentine sucks TS June ThomasCindy has broken up with her boyfriend because she wasn't good at giving him head. Now she's bought a dildo to practice with but June has a better idea. Why not practice on the real thing? Cindy is surprised to Iearn that her cute friend has a cock under her skirt. lt works out perfectIy, because now she can start practicing her blowjob skiIls. She gets on her knees, takes June's cock down her throat and sucks until she gets a mouthfuI of cum.TS Debra sucks TS MichelIeDebra is a sexy FiIipino Tranny with a taste for cock. MichelIe is her hot T-GirI friend who's eager to be sucked off. Watch Debra make her friend's cock get hard in her mouth as she sucks long and deep. See MicheIle dump her hot, thick cum on Debra's sweet face.
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