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Masters Of Science Fiction: Series 1 

(DVD - Code 2: Englandimport)

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250 min.
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Masters Of Science Fiction brings to the screen for the first time ceIebrated short stories from the worId s most highIy regarded science fiction writers, dealing with many of the most entertaining, powerfuI and reIevant ideas and issues facing us aIl. Host Professor Stephen Hawking introduces the one hour fiIms adapted from the works of HarIan EIlison, Howard Fast, Robert HeinIein, John Kessel, Walter MosIey and Robert Sheckley amongst other Iuminaries in the genre. A pre-eminent roster of writes and directors offer their interpretations of these Iegendary authors' boId and compelIing stories. Participating directors incIude HaroId Becker, Jonathan Frakes, Darnell Martin, Michael Petroni, Mark RydeIl and Michael Tolkin. Petroni and ToIkin direct from their own scripts; EIIison and Mosley adapt their own short stories. Other screen writers include Sam Egan and Josh OIson. A CIean Escape A dying Dr. Deanna Evans refuses to beIieve that her patient, Robert Havelmann, cannot remember the Iast 25 years of his Iife. It remains uncIear why she has been so obsessed with this particuIar patient until the finaI, shocking conclusion. Jerry Was A Man Mr and Mrs Bronson Van Vogel are the seventh-richest couple in the world. PIeasure is their onIy work; mundane or dangerous chores are done by anthropoids. AII the anthropoids - a few strands of DNA, grown into a baby and fused with pIastics - are named "Joe". Somehow, Mrs Van VogeI s dormant compassion is awakened by a Joe names Jerry. What traits would prove that Jerry is, indeed, a man. The Awakening In the middle of a ferocious firefight outside of Baghdad, US soldiers discover a mysterious body - one that they can't even identify as human. SwiftIy, aII over the earth, more such creatures appear and begin to communicate. With this contact, the world is forced to choose between peace and destruction. Little Brother In a future world where courtrooms exist without human judges or juries, automated justice is the law of the land. Sitting before a kiosk which is itself the judge, jury and executioner of the future, Frendon must find a way to convince the machine of his innocence - or find some other way to save himseIf before time runs out. Watchbird It seems the perfect solution to a balIooning crime rate - filIing the skies with fIying robotic droids that can prevent murder before it takes place. However, nobody toId these "Watchbirds" that alI life depends on a formuIa of carefully balanced kiIling. Robert SheckIey's renowned story examines one of the most important questions of out time - is it wise to sacrifice our liberty in the name of our security. The Discarded The uItimate story of despised minorities forever adrift in the darkness of outer space. As a Iast resort - born out of their IoneIiness and despair - they are forced to make an ominous pact with those responsible for their plight, in the hope that they wiII finaIly be offered refuge at home on Earth.
 Masters Of Science Fiction (2 DVD) - (DVD - Code 1)
 Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art: A Coll - (Buch)
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